handmade jewelry that tells a story

With so much mass-produced statement jewelry out there, I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to come across a line of delicate handmade jewelry like Twinklebird. Christine Kallen-de Boer, the one-woman-force behind the beautiful jewelry line, calls the Netherlands home and draws inspiration from everywhere:

‘I love details, the beauty in tiny things around us, fine abstraction, and poetic images and art. To me, a piece of jewelry means more than just being an accessory. It’s about the feeling and thoughts along the things around us. To make those visible and wearable. It’s about telling who you are in a modest though intriguing way.’

The night sky shines through in the Ursa Major Necklace (pictured above) where she cast the constellation in solid sterling silver and plated it with 18k gold. The big dipper is still the first constellation that jumps out to me when I search a starry sky. Wearing this would feel like a comforting symbol of home.

handmade jewelry that tells a story 02

I’m completely enamored with her ‘typographic scenery,’ a collection of rings inspired by typography and letter shapes. With textured finishes and gorgeous abstract shapes of letters on their sides, the typographic rings are just about the coolest way to spell things out with your jewelry I’ve seen.

How could you not love the OOAK Eye Necklace? This ‘One Of A Kind’ necklace is a solid 14k gold pendant of picturing an eye. Meant to be interpreted in relation to your own perspective and life situation, this symbol is truly one of a kind.

handmade jewelry that tells a story 03

The planets ring is (pardon the pun) stellar! This handmade silver piece pictures Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in a beautiful rough hewn finish. It’s the perfect little reminder to take a deep breath look up at the sky. The sterling silver constellation captured in the orion necklace is oxidized for a dark grey finish that’s as subtle as it is stunning.

handmade jewelry that tells a story // jojotastic.com

For a special symbol of affection, nothing could be as perfect as Twinklebird’s heart ring. Available in silver, rose gold or 14k gold, this perfect little puffy heart is mounted on a light hammered band and has a soft brushed finish. What’s not to love?