getting organized with Cottonelle

The working title for this post was actually “organization tips for people who suck at putting things away.” Why? Because I am that person. Ever since moving into my loft and turning 30, I’ve felt like it was time to get my act together and step 1 of doing that was getting organized. I teamed up with Annie from Live Simply and she basically has changed my life, so when Cottonelle reached out to share some of my favorite tips, I knew exaaactly where to begin: the bathroom.

Generally, I struggle with the sheer volume of stuff that accumulates in the bathroom. We started with a good old fashioned purge. Anything that was mostly used, no longer used, or expired got tossed. Then we assessed my bathroom’s extremely limited storage options and decided it was best to utilize an extra closet for overflow items.

bathroom storage tips for people who suck at putting things away (like me) // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Annie had the awesome suggestion of condensing my overflow items into clear plastic storage bins based on categories of use. I have one dedicated to shoe and clothing care, one for cosmetics, one for teeth, etc. You get the idea. Then, they neatly stack on a shelf in my utility closet for me to replenish as needed.

bathroom storage tips for people who suck at putting things away (like me) // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

Another amazing space-saver is the Cottonelle Megaroll, mostly because it’s 4 rolls in 1! Instead of stocking up on a bazillion rolls of toilet paper, I can literally cut down on the amount of storage space needed for this by a quarter. This is especially key because the holidays are upon us and you better believe I’m stocking up for all those out of town guests.

(Also, because it’s time to stock up, Cottonelle was kind enough to offer a savings code. Head here for all of the details.)

bathroom storage tips for people who suck at putting things away (like me) // @cottonelle #ad #OnAMegaRoll

I’m not very good at putting stuff away on my own, so having an specific “place” for things to go has been a huuuuge help. For example, I know to always keep at least 4 rolls of Cottonelle on the back of the toilet so it’s always at the ready, while any extra can live in my utility closet.

So, tell me… what other bathroom organization tips have you got up your sleeve?

Photography by Jojotastic.

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