DIY // macraméd spoon handle

Now that we’re well into the holiday season, I wanted to give you a quick DIY you can do with a few things from around the house. This is a great way to freshen up your serving utensils for a big dinner, or even as a cute hostess gift alongside some nice cocoa or tea. Try it with colored twine for a festive spin, or stick to neutral for that oh so wintery cable-knit sweater vibe.

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //


When choosing your spoon, make sure the handle is either round or square, the spiral pattern won’t work as well on a flat handle. I used a small wooden spoon to serve sugar with my after-dinner coffee, but this would work just as well on a pair of salad tongs or even a broom handle. Once you get into the groove, it’s tempting to try on just about everything!

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //

Start by cutting a piece of twine three to four feet long and tying it firmly at the top of your spoon handle. Next, cross the left piece over the handle and the right piece under the handle then through loop it created. I imagine I’m making a number “4” with the first piece and the spoon handle, then take the other piece and feed it through empty part of the four to the other side.

That’s all there is to it! Repeat all the way down the handle, rotating the spoon as you go to facilitate the spiral and pulling tightly between each knot. Once you get to the end of your spoon, finish it off with a firm square knot and trim the ends.

DIY Macramed Spoon Handle //

Project and styling by Gwen McKenzie for Jojotastic.

Photography by Meghan Klein.

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