the friday edit + reader survey results!

Happy Friday, you guys! I’ve got another weekend of gardening and yard work ahead of me — is it weird to say that I’m excited about that? I find this part of homeownership to be so gratifying.

I also wanted to thank you guys so much for your feedback in the 2017 survey! Here are some results:

Which blog category topic is your favorite? Top 3 results:

  1. Joanna’s home renovations
  2. home decor & interiors
  3. tie: DIYs & Personal Essays

I hear you! Stay tuned because I have SO many more renovations and home decor projects coming your way this year. First up, I’m hoping to reveal the bedroom makeover in the next couple of weeks. But there are LOTS more projects in the works!

Which blog category topic is your least favorite? Top 3 results:

  1. drawn & downloadable
  2. cocktail recipes
  3. tie: Seattle Like a Local and The Business of Being Creative

Ok, so you guys aren’t into downloadable art… cool. We can put that series to bed! As for the over topics, sorry to report but they aren’t going anywhere. Don’t hate me! It’s just that these are topics about which I’m passionate and really feel like I can provide value. That being said, I’m going to brainstorm ways to figure out how to make the topics more interesting and applicable to a wider audience. I was actually surprised by how many of you weren’t into the cocktails! They do so well on Pinterest, but maybe it’s time to figure out a new spin to put on them.

Have you ever tried a DIY from Jojotastic?

89% of you said no! You guys need to get on it with the crafts ;) JK.

Have you ever tried a recipe from Jojotastic?

Again, 89% of you said no! Ha. If you want to change that, these recipes were popular with the crowd who has tried our recipes:

What would you like to see more of on Jojotastic? A few fun responses:

  • beauty
  • more small space ideas
  • insights into my styling work
  • Noodle
  • my house
  • entertaining in my home

All I can say is… more of this to come!

What would you like to see less of on Jojotastic? A few fun responses:

  • cocktails
  • beauty
  • bohemian style
  • DIY
  • renovations

Hmm… a bit contradictory to some of the other answers, but I want you guys to know that I hear you and will always seek to maintain a good balance of content here!

What is your #1 pet peeve of Jojotastic? I found a LOT of these responses to be totally enlightening, surprising, and thought-provoking, so I wanted to share them here:

Since you asked, I want to be honest and say I had to unfollow you on Instagram because of your stories. I love your style, your blog and your hard work but I felt like your stories were very pessimistic – I understand being real and authentic but it is draining to hear someone complaining over and over on their stories. I do LOVE your blog, so I follow on here :)

This one really stood out to me. I truly had no idea that anyone felt this way… I’m sort of dumbfounded with where to start because I feel like my stories tend to be a more personal look into my life and what makes me tick. I hate that I’m viewed as negative, but I also believe that this is perhaps because I’m blunt, expressive, and honest. Either way, whoever left this comment, I am sorry you feel this way, but appreciate your honesty!

I don’t want you to stress so much about being a homeowner – in this crazy seattle market its going to payoff big time in end, and you’re doing great.

Um, this comment made me cry. Thank you for the encouragement!

belief in crystal magic… no offense, but I’m not a believer. lol

Haha, word.

I think – even if you can’t post everyday – consistency is really great so I know when to expect a post.

I hear you! I’m definitely working on being more consistent. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

Your suggestions for how to improve Jojotastic:

I feel like the content has really been upped in the last 6-12 months, maybe thats because you’re doing more home stuff which i’m into.

Thank you!! I’ve been working so hard to up my game.

Continue to mix it up. As you grow as a person, your author’s voice should change. So your content will evolve, as your interests, needs, and delights develop with who you are at the moment. The blog should continue to be a reflection of who you are, and the right audience will find you

Um… way to make me cry again you guys.

I would just like to see more of your home!



There were SO MANY MORE thoughtful, inspiring, kind responses that I cannot thank you enough. You guys are so lovely and encouraging… I really cannot express how much I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in and offer your feedback. I plan to take every single one of your responses into consideration and hope to turn this blog into a place that inspires you even more.



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  1. 4.26.17

    I think your instagram stories give your social media a well-rounded voice. And of course more Noodle is always welcome! :)

    • 4.26.17
      joanna said:

      aww thanks so much — and more Noodle comin’ right up!

  2. 4.24.17
    joanna said:

    thank you! xo.

  3. 4.21.17
    Kasey said:

    I love how candidly you shared all this! I am definitely on board with MORE NOODLE!!!

    • 4.21.17
      joanna said:

      thanks so much, Kasey! And you got it — more Noodle comin right up ;)

  4. 4.21.17
    Mrs. Sweet said:

    You Instagram stories are LIFE! Don’t ever stop! And negative? I find them real and funny! So please please don’t stop!

    • 4.21.17
      joanna said:

      thanks lady! glad you like ’em. xo!

  5. 4.21.17
    Isa Ballerini said:

    I love your Instagram stories!! They’re a great way to see the less polished sides of blogger’s image (and behind the scenes of your beautiful home and renovation), even if that means a little negativity sometimes. Social media has propagated the idea that everyone’s lives are great and beautiful all the time, when that’s simply false and totally unrealistic.

    • 4.21.17
      joanna said:

      ugh. THANK YOU. i agree completely. I’m basically on a one-woman mission to show just how imperfect life is! ha. thank you! xo.