my favorite corners of our home

keyword favorite corners #interiordesign #shelfie

It is so good to be home!!! After being in Italy for the past few weeks, I am happy to be home and reunited with our tiny zoo. I absolutely love to travel, but I am always ready to come home now that I own a house. There’s something about it that just feels so… right. I miss the tiny bungalow while we’re away! I never thought I’d ever feel that. After landing yesterday, I felt so inspired to snap some photos of my home and share my favorite corners of our home.

my favorite corners of our home. #smallspaces #tinyhome #seattle #bungalow #interiordesign

Our side table is hardly ever this tidy. Instead it’s usually got remotes, hair ties, and at least 1 can of La Croix. I usually clean our house before we leave because I love the feeling of coming home to a tidy, neat place. It definitely helps my post-vacation anxiety.

my favorite corners of our home. #smallspaces #tinyhome #seattle #bungalow #interiordesign

When I was little, I always shuffled stuff around my room so that my favorite pieces were on display. I felt like those pieces would show a person who I am, what I stand for, and what I love… it’s sort of true still, I guess. At this point, our decor is stuff we’ve collected from our travels mingled with photoshoot leftovers, books, and way too many houseplants.

my favorite corners of our home. #smallspaces #tinyhome #seattle #bungalow #interiordesign #shelfie

I’d love to know what your favorite corner of your home is!

Let me know down in the comments.

photography & styling by Jojotastic.