Weekend Wellness: Self Care While Traveling

Greetings from North Carolina! As you might have seen on Instagram, I am hanging out with my friends at Sunbrella at High Point Market and sharing some major design inspiration. Because I am traveling this week, I thought it was the perfect time to share my tips for maintaining self care while traveling. I’m usually the first person to let any semblance of a routine go out the window when I travel, but I’ve been focusing more and more on doing that! Instead, I took some time to plan ahead and that has made all the difference for this trip. When I’m around people all day long for multiple days on end, that can wear on me. But now that I’m armed with these self care habits, I’ve noticed a vast improvement on how worn out I feel from business travel!

My Tips for Self Care While Traveling

Pack your favorite essential oils.

It’s well known that I am an essential oils fanatic. No matter where I’m staying, I always put a few tiny drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow to help me sleep better. I also love grapefruit and ginger oils for an instant pick-me-up. The bottles are usually tiny enough that I can put them in with my toiletries. Plus, if I’ve forgotten to pack perfume, I can always mix the oils and put them on my pulse points.

Make time to meditate.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes, I have been making time to listen to my favorite meditation app every day. In the midst of hectic days, that short amount of time really helps to ground and center me. Plus, I love being able to start my day off on a positive note instead of rushing to a meeting.

Sleep when you can.

I am definitely someone who needs 9-10 hours of sleep a night, but I usually don’t average that much when I’m traveling. Sometimes I feel lucky if I can get 6-7 hours. Blergh. Still though, I try my best to stick to my normal sleep routine as much as possible and always bring melatonin with me to help adjust to timezone changes. And I definitely nap whenever possible!

Take a moment to yourself at least once a day.

This tip is crucial if you’re going to be in meetings or presentations for full days. I tend to crave alone time while I travel, so I always make sure to squeeze in a quiet, alone moment at least once a day. Usually I need alone time in the middle of the day as a quick recharge of my batteries. This can mean going for a walk, taking yourself to get a coffee, or heading back to the hotel early.

Drink water!

It is wayyy too easy to get dehydrated while traveling, especially if you’re a coffee addict like me for early mornings. I always bring this refillable water bottle with me so I always have water on hand and so I can keep track of how much I’m drinking. If the bottle still contains water at the end of the day, then I need to do better tomorrow.

Pack snacks, too.

Much like staying hydrated, it’s best to avoid getting hungry… or, even worse, hangry. I always keep at least 2 of these RXBARs in my bag just in case.

Bring a small luxury for yourself.

This could mean anything, but usually, for me, this means I bring a really nice pair of fancy pajamas. You could also bring that expensive body wash sample you’ve been saving or a sheet mask as a way of pampering yourself.

And just be kind to yourself.

Here’s the thing… I get really discombobulated and disoriented when I travel. That’s why I don’t bother bringing gym clothes — I know I won’t work out. Even if I don’t do any of the things on this list, I still need to be patience with myself and not beat myself up over it. And isn’t that the biggest self-care tip of them all? *mic drop*

p.s. you can find even more self care and wellness tips here, including:

What is your favorite self care tip when you’re traveling? I’d love to know what works best for you!

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