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Usually for my Weekend Wellness series, I like to talk about something either trending or that I’ve received lots of questions about. But today, we’re going rogue! Instead, I want to talk about a habit of mine that I try to engage in pretty much every weekend. I call it my Weekend Morning Ritual, and quite honestly, I do this because it helps me to set the tone for the rest of my time off from work. I decided to start being mindful of my routines when it felt like each weekend slipped away faster and faster. I want to savor the slowdown, embrace a lazy morning, and shift my brain into a calmer place. These habits have helped me and I hope they resonate with you, too!

Savoring the Slowdown, Aka My Weekend Morning Ritual

Skip the alarm clock.

I know a lot of sleep professionals will tell you to wake up at the same time every day, but I find it really hard to heed that advice! I’m still a teenager at heart and find nothing more perfect than sleeping in until 11 (if not later). Often, my bladder wakes me up at my usual time of 7. Usually Sean is still asleep, so I go back to bed and read until I fall asleep again. Most of the time I sleep until noon if I can!

Play chill music.

While I’m not the biggest reggae fan to exist, Sean really loves it. So on Saturday mornings, we tune in to KEXP to stream his favorite weekly show. I prefer to keep any music at a lower volume in the mornings, so that my brain can sort of ease into the day.

Make time to read and drink coffee.

Truth be told, this is my favorite part of my weekend morning ritual. Even if we have to set an alarm to work on a renovation project, I always make time so that I can do this. I make coffee in my French press, pour it into my favorite mug (it’s always the same one!), and read. My reading material usually changes from week to week. Usually, it’s whatever e-book I’ve checked out of the public library. I also go back and forth with having subscriptions to The New Yorker and The New York Times. I actually really love reading the Sunday times over coffee, too!

Write in your journal.

I’ve been hooked on The Five Minute Journal for a couple of years now. It’s my favorite way to check in with myself and see how I’m feeling. I find the Daily Affirmation portion to be the most compelling.

Make your home smell good.

I’ve shared tips about how to make your home smell great in the past, but it’s especially nice to do this while you’re easing into the weekend. I like to light a stick of palo santo and walk around the house dispersing the woodsy scent. It’s really nice to consider all of your senses as you try to relax and slow down.

Stay in your pajamas as long as possible.

Maybe this is a product of me working for myself and working from home a lot, but I spend a lottt of time in sweats and leisure wear. On the weekends though, I make even more of a point to stay cozy. Usually this means that I stay in my pjs as long as possible before I have to don a bra and pants.

Avoid tech for at least an hour.

It feels like I’m in a constant battle with my addiction to social media and my phone. Because of this, I have set strict rules with myself about how much screen time I consume and when. In the mornings, I would so much rather enjoy real life! Plus, I find that this helps to avoid me compare my life to others online.

As a note, I do realize that those of you with kids may not be able to indulge in the same way I do. Still, I very much hope that you’re able to set aside some time for yourself to embrace the weekend and welcome it.

I’d love to know more about how do you ease into the weekend and what is your weekend morning ritual! Let me know down in the comments.

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