6 Documentaries About Sustainability to Inspire Your Zero Waste Journey

Are you into documentaries? I totally am. Any time Netflix, HBO, or Hulu release a new one, I watch it pretty much immediately. Usually the subject matter doesn’t really matter — I love them all. But lately, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries that have inspired my zero waste journey. In anticipation of the weekend, here are a few of my favorite documentaries about sustainability to inspire you, too!

Wondering What to Watch this Weekend? Try One of These Documentaries about Sustainability!

  • The True Cost
  • The Clean Bin Project
  • Bag It
  • Minimalism: a Documentary about the Important Things
  • Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution
  • Planet Earth

The True Cost

As a former textile designer, I was pretty aware of how wasteful the clothing manufacturing industry can be. But it wasn’t until I watched The True Cost that I became convinced that I needed to be more aware of where my clothing comes from. I did my no shopping challenge for a year to help me reset, but now that I’m minimally shopping again, I do my best to buy from brands with a more sustainable manufacturing model.

The Clean Bin Project

If it feels like I’m constantly going on and on about reducing the waste in our home and life, it’s because of this documentary! In The Clean Bin Project, a Canadian couple challenged each other to go a year without producing at waste. The result is a very honest, open glimpse into just how hard but gratifying that can be.

Bag It

Say it with me now: no more plastic bags!!! Even though it’s over 7 years old, Bag It is a really thought-provoking doc about our reliance on plastic bags, where they end up, and the impact they have on our planet. I also love how much of a normal dude the narrator is, too.

Minimalism: a Documentary about the Important Things

Talking about beautifully filmed documentaries… Minimalism: a Documentary about the Important Things is truly eye-opening, fascinating, and thought-provoking. It’s all about our cycle of consumerism and how it isn’t satisfying and fulfilling — something I identify with SO much.

Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

HBO shares some really amazing documentaries. One of my favorites is Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution because it feels like it actually gives me hope. It showcases the future of sustainable, renewable energy in an uplighting, positive way.

Planet Earth

The Planet Earth series is just a perennial favorite of mine. When I think about trying to go zero waste more and more, it’s all for one goal: to positively impact our one earth and the creatures who call it home. Watching this documentary series always inspires me to live a more sustainable life!

Wondering What to Watch this Weekend? Try One of These Documentaries about Sustainability! #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #nomorestraws #reducewaste #zerowastetips

Have you watched any of these? Which one is your favorite? Also, what should be on this list that I might have missed? I’m always looking for more docs to watch!

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