My 4 2020 Goals + My Focus Word

Happy 2020! I hope you had a great holiday break… I definitely did. The time off was much needed. In case you’re new here, I make an annual practice of sharing my yearly goals here on the blog as a way of staying accountable (here’s my 2019 list). I’m not really one to make resolutions, but instead prefer goals. That just works better for me. I also love to share with you guys because you’re always so wonderful about encouraging me, offering advice, etc. I LOVE it. So it makes total sense that my first post of the year is all about my 2020 goals. I’m also doing something different this year and adding a focus word, basically a concise idea of one concept on which I especially want to focus this year.

The 4 Goals I’m Committing to in 2020 + My Focus Word

Make the blog more personal & more about my life

Let’s be real here… there are so many bloggers/influencers/whatever you want to call us. I firmly believe that there is room for everyone in this industry, especially if we all continuously step up our game and bring amazing ideas to the table. So as I think about my 2020 goals for this blog, I can’t help but want to shake things up. For me, that means making this site more personal. That means more of a glimpse behind-the-scenes, more video, more personality… more ME. It feels weird to say that, tbh.

My thinking behind this goal is that you’ve come to this blog either because you saw a post on Pinterest or you’ve followed me for a while. And when I think about what uniqueness I bring to the blogging world, I immediately think of my personality and my interests. I want this site to feel like a full expression of that. After all, no one is me and that is my strength!

Launch a shop

I have wanted to launch an online shop foreverrrrr! It always comes down to time. As in, I run out of time in between writing blog posts, photoshoots, etc. and can never commit to curating a product assortment, photographing the products, writing the descriptions, shipping… it’s a LOT. But it’s something that I desperately want to do! So this year, I am making it my goal to launch a shop here on blog. I’m thinking a mix of one-of-a-kind vintage items and eventually adding in pieces that I design or even make!

If there’s anything in particular that you would want me to sell, let me know! I am all ears and want to make sure the shop is something you enjoy and love.

A site redesign

I can’t believe my site has looked like this for 4 years! I’ve never been totally happy with this site design, especially when it comes to reading my site on mobile. With 75% of my blog traffic being on mobile and tablets… it’s time to get my act together and embrace a website redesign in 2020! So look forward to a new logo, easier navigation, and more features.

Launch my social media school (finally)

This has been my goal since last summer. But between the wedding and my lung surgery and then the holidays… the online version of The Jojotastic School of Social Media has veryyyyy delayed! I am so sorry that you’ve had to wait so long, but I promise it will be worth it. I still have a lot to do for it, but I’m putting it in writing: I want to launch the online class by April.

Until then, sign up for the waiting list here. I have a special promotion planned for the launch, so you’ll want to be the first to know!

And Now, My Focus Word for 2020: Learn

If the idea of a ‘focus word’ is new to you, it’s pretty simple. Essentially you pick a word that embodies what you want to pay extra close attention to in the new year. For me, that focus word is LEARN. During my time off for the holidays, I realized that it’s been so long since I’ve picked up a new skill… which feels so sedentary! I want to constantly be evolving, growing, expanding my horizons…. LEARNING. So I’ve chosen that as my focus word.

I’ve already put this into practice by enrolling in a pottery program at our local community center. I actually start tomorrow! Ever since signing up, I’ve been very excited about the possibilities and the prospect of how much I can learn. I’ve also brainstormed a few other things I want to learn in 2020, such as finding a part time culinary program and learning another language. I can’t wait to share what I make in pottery class with you and where my 2020 focus word takes me!

I’d love to know what your goals and focus word are for 2020. Leave a comment and let me know!

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