15 Chic Match Strikers

I’m sort of a nerd when it comes to candles and candle accessories… when it comes to lighting a candle, I prefer to use matches because I love that little whiff of sulphur when it first ignites! Plus, it feels like a ritual. Because of my love for matches, I’ve also developed an affinity for my match strikers. If you don’t know what those are, basically it’s a container that has an abrasive surface that ignites the match when it’s scratched against the surface. They are a great opportunity to add a bit more sophistication to your home, especially if you keep a tray of candles on your coffee table like I do!

Image Source: beach stone match striker from Bloomist — they recently sent this one to me and I absolutely love it!
15 Chic Match Strikers to Light Your Fire! Ceramic, metal, and stone containers to hold matches and more for candles, perfect for adding stylish sophisticated home decor accessories to your coffee table #candles  #hygge #cozy #matches #matchstriker

It’s also worth noting that, as a prop stylist, I kind of always include a sprinkling of matches in any shot. I love how they add a bit of visual texture to the images, plus some ‘real life’ detail. Like I said, I keep this tray on my coffee table with a few candles and my match striker so that I can easily light them. It’s convenient and cute!

15 Chic Match Strikers Guaranteed to (Stylishly) Light Your Fire

  1. Farmhouse Pottery milk bottle match striker
  2. ceramic match striker
  3. curve ball match striker
  4. Farmhouse Pottery silo match striker
  5. white ceramic match striker hut
  6. Farmhouse Pottery devo match striker
  7. Jonathan Adler I-Scream match strike
  8. The Granite match box
  9. glass cloche matches — this one is sold out from Urban Outfitters, but I found it here as well.
  10. two-toned striker and matches
  11. SIN strike anywhere match holder
  12. match striker with base
  13. Fruitsuper strike up match striker
  14. JFM brass striker
  15. stainless match striker

One thing to be aware of when ordering a match striker is that you’ll need specific matches. We’re usually more accustomed to safety matches, but to use any of these, you will need strike anywhere matches (that’s a link to the basic ones I always use). They contain Phosphorus Sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate, which allows you to strike them against any rough, dry surface. If you already have matches and don’t know what you’ve got, look for a white tip on the match. That’s the phosphorous and indicates that it’s a strike anywhere match.

Betcha didn’t think you’d come to my blog and learn all about matches!

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