5 Budget Decor Hacks I Swear By

These budget decor hacks are my go-to solutions for decorating and designing a space. They are helpful for both renters and homeowners, too!
These Budget Decor Hacks I Swear By Are Total Game Changers! Interior design tips, decorating tips for a small space and affordable decor #interiordesign #smallspaces #designhacks

This is actually a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while! I’ve been writing about decor on this blog for 8 years now (!!!), so you knowww I have a lot of decor hacks to share — especially budget-friendly ones. Since it’s finally warmer out and we’re still spending time at home (right???), it felt like the perfect time to post these tips and tricks. Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, I tried to make sure there’s something in this post for you!

These Budget Decor Hacks I Swear By Are Total Game Changers

Get creative at IKEA

I am so freaking ready for IKEA to be safe to shop again… I really miss going there and perusing the aisles, coming up with decor hacks for their products. My personal favorite hack are the affordable wooden spice racks that I used to add storage in our bathroom. They are perfect for holding skincare, beauty products, and more. IKEA is also awesome for lighting that is easily customized and furniture that you can put a special twist on.

Be strategic on where you skimp

I’m here to tell you that it is OK to skimp on somethings when designing and decorating your home. A good example is curtains. They can be very expensive because curtains are made of a lot of fabric; you’re literally paying for the yardage. Unless you have your heart absolutely set on statement drapes, skimp on the curtains and keep it basic. IKEA is my favorite source for curtains since they are so affordable. I pretty much always use the RITVA style because they aren’t too sheer and have a really nice linen-looking texture. Then, if you want a bit more, you can always add a layer like we did! But honestly, if you take away one budget decor hack from this post… save on the curtains!

These Budget Decor Hacks I Swear By Are Total Game Changers! Interior design tips, decorating tips for a small space and affordable decor #interiordesign #smallspaces #designhacks

Repurpose what you can

I think the best example of this would be how I’ve been ‘saving’ a clawfoot bathtub in our backyard to refinish one day! After 4 years of staring at it, I decided to at least temporarily use it as a garden container for more vegetables this summer. I added stones to the bottom for drainage, then filled it with compost-rich soil… and now my plants have exploded! To maximize the space of the garden, we even re-used some old hemp twine to make a trellis on our fence.

Use textiles instead of replacing

If you’re on a budget, but want to make some changes to your decor, textiles are your new best friend. For example, one of my favorite things to do is use a throw or blanket to change the look of our sofa (I talk more about that in this post). You can do this with headboards and arm chairs — even a dining table instantly feels fresh and new again with a tablecloth draped over it. Shop your house and see what textiles you can find to use!

These Budget Decor Hacks I Swear By Are Total Game Changers! Interior design tips, decorating tips for a small space and affordable decor #interiordesign #smallspaces #designhacks

Save extra lumber and scraps

This is definitely something I’ve learned from Sean… and something I made fun of him for! He has a tendency to keep, well, everything. But as we’ve built out the chicken yard and worked on other projects around the bungalow, the pieces he’s saved have come in so handy!! Case in point: our entire chicken yard is built with scrap lumber that was leftover from our kitchen renovation. That totally saved us about $200 in materials for that project alone.

Do you have any other budget decor hacks to add to the list? Leave a comment and let me know!

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