How to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

A few easy tips for embracing cozy in your home for the new year!
The holidays are almost upon us, but have you given thought to how to prepare your home for the new year? These 4 tips are easy & make a difference!

I know everything is all about the holidays right now, but honestly… I’m a bit holiday-ed out. I love the twinkle and the decor, but when it comes to talking about it, I’m burnt out. Sorry if that makes me sound like a grinch! It’s been a doozy of a year, to put it mildly, and all I want is to step into 2021 and hope for better. For me, my sense of happiness and grounding comes from my home being more settled. Even though we just moved, I’m already thinking of ways to prepare our home for the new year and wanted to share those thoughts with you, as well. I hope this post inspires you!

Prepare Your Home for the New Year with These 4 Low-Key Tips

Pack up the holiday decor asap

Even though I am technically Greek Orthodox and would celebrate in January, I am plan on packing up our holiday decor on December 26. Mostly because we are painting the living room (finally), but also because I just want to be able to start the year fresh and clean. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Christmas tree forest! But I am ready to take some time off from working and, instead, focus my energy on making the cabin feel more like home.

Wash your textiles

When was the last time you washed your curtains? How about the pillow covers on your dec pillows and the throws on your sofa?? The time between Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to hit refresh on all of your home textiles by giving them a good washing. For anything made of silk, wool, or other fancy fabrics, be sure to read the tags and consider dry cleaning instead.

Dust moulding, doorways, and windowsills

The same goes for all of the architectural details in your home. Now that we live in a cabin, I’m shocked by the number of spider webs that appear constantly (I know I shouldn’t be…). I suggest investing in an old fashioned duster and sweeping up the cobwebs in all the corners of your rooms. And don’t forget to do the window frames and the tippy-top of doorways!

Change your batteries

Now is a great time to invest in rechargeable batteries and then swap in fresh ones for your various devices. This should include carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, too. But also remotes and anything else battery-powered!

I’m sure you have other ways that you prepare your home for the new year — I’d love to know what they are! Leave a comment and let me know.

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