Essential Stylist Tricks to Make a Room Appear Larger

Trust me, you need these tips!
Essential Stylist Tricks to Make a Room Appear Larger. How to make a small room feel bigger and taller, expert tips from a stylist

This blog post is one that’s been percolating in my brain for ages. I feel like no matter the size of your home, there’s always at least one room that feels smaller than it actually is… which can kinda be a bummer! But fear not, there are quite a few easy stylist tricks to make a room appear larger. Today I’m sharing my favorites that I’ve used in both of our homes that work every time. If you’ve tried any of them or have others to add to the list, let me know! I’m allllways looking for more home decor hacks, as you all know.

How To Make A Room Appear Larger

Decorate with tall plants and floor lamps

When styling your space, incorporate tall pieces like an arc lamp, tall houseplants, or even a tall leaning mirror. Elements like this will draw the eye up and trick it into thinking the space is taller than it is!

Embrace glass furniture

If a space feels small, chances are there could be too many things in it… but you still need a table, for example! In this case, I recommend decorating with a glass or lucite table so that, visually, it just goes away. If you’re not into glass furniture, try pieces with thin legs to create the illusion of open space in a similar way.

Choose low furniture

Speaking of furniture… if you’re styling a space that has low ceiling, like a basement rec room, definitely consider furniture pieces that are lower to the ground. a

Include reflective surfaces

A great mirror is like a window in a small room and will automatically result in a more open feeling space.

Skip the curtains

One thing I’ve learned about living in our cabin is that our space felt so much bigger without window treatments. We ended up adding them back in because we needed the insulation in the winter. But if you’re struggling to make a room feel more open and spacious, try removing your curtains and opening up the view!

Establish a color palette

A monochromatic color palette tricks the eye into seeing a larger, more open room. I recommend selecting colors within the same family or embracing a restrained combination of colors.

Lengthen the lines

Lines are a great way to trick the eye. So if you have a room that’s narrow, create width by using horizontal lines. If it’s a short ceiling, use vertical lines. This can be done in a number of ways including shiplap, paneling (we did this trick in our bedroom!), wallpaper or even painted stripes.

So those are just a few more tips on how to make a space feel bigger! If you’re looking for more tips, check out my other post on this topic: 5 Tips for Making Low Ceilings Feel Taller.

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