9 Cozy Cabin Rentals in Washington, Perfect for a North Cascades Getaway

Perfect for a solo getaway, couples retreat, or family vacation
9 Cozy Cabin Rentals in Washington for a North Cascades Getaway + Airbnb recommendations, tips from a local, and things to know before booking a cabin

Are you wanting to go on an adventure but aren’t sure where to go? Let me introduce you to one of my favorite destinations (and what I consider to be our backyard): The North Cascades of Washington state. In the area of the North Cascades Scenic Byway, you’ll find scenic nature trails, outdoor activities, and all the cozy comforts of rustic living… and it’s all only a couple hours away from Seattle and Bellingham. I’ve rounded up nine cozy cabin rentals in the North Cascades so you can find the perfect spot for your getaway. I even rounded up a few tips for you about what to know before you head to your mountain retreat here in the Cascades. Let’s dig in.

9 Cabin Rentals to Check Out on the East Side of the North Cascades

Whether you love ‘roughing it’, are looking to go ‘glamping,’ or simply want a cute cabin with all the necessary amenities, I’ve got you covered. One thing they all have in common? The breathtaking views of the Cascades that you won’t find anywhere else — aka my backyard! Stay in the heart of your adventure by staying at one of these North Cascades cabin rentals. Here are a few that look fab.

Please keep in mind that I live in this area, but have not personally rented any of these cabins because I have my own cabin to stay in! As always, please refer to the reviews before booking to ensure that your expectations are met.

Scandanavian-Style Luxury Rental

This Airbnb North Cascades cabin is the perfect solo excursion or couples retreat! Here you will enjoy the simplicity of nature as you are surrounded by towering trees with the perfect mountain view. This rental features everything you need to get cozy, including a reading nook stocked with books and board games to help you relax, unwind, and unplug. Enjoy taking in the views from the deck and enjoying year-round activities in the area. And bonus points for the fancy Aesop toiletries!

Secluded Mountain Cabin Rental

This Airbnb cabin rental is secluded on 4 acres and offers the perfect picturesque mountain getaway for up to four guests. What are we loving about this rental? The view from the deck doesn’t hurt. The added amenities, such as a hot tub and fire pit, make enjoying the outdoors even more fun. The subtle cabin-like touches of the interior give off cozy vibes in every inch of the space.

Skagit Steelhead House

Are you ready for an adventure? You’ve found the perfect location with the basement apartment at Skagit Steelhead house. This North Cascades cabin rental is just steps away from the Skagit River and at the base of Sauk Mountain. Enjoy rustic touches indoors and outdoors, with our fire pit out back and fully renovated indoor spaces. Check out the history of the house on Airbnb and all that went into recreating it for a new generation of tourists!

Sojourn Cabin

Are you looking for cozy, cottage vibes for two? We’ve got the perfect getaway for you in this quaint cabin rental from Airbnb. Go fully off the grid with a North Cascades cabin that takes ‘roughing it’ to a new level. If you don’t mind giving up running water and electricity for your escape into nature, this is the place for you. This experience provides all the basic necessities you need to enjoy your private getaway.

Farmstead Yurt in the Cascades

Enjoy your little slice of wilderness with up to 9 guests in this Farmstead Yurt Airbnb! This unique North Cascades cabin is on an active homestead and is nestled right on the edge of the wild. With a comfortable, homey feel, the Yurt has electricity, an outhouse, and a nearby private river spot that lets you fully appreciate your rustic experience. Bring a few friends or the whole family for a truly unforgettable experience in the Cascades. 

Cascade River House

Looking to immerse yourself in the outdoors, but need a place large enough for a group outing? This Airbnb cabin rental offers everything you need to enjoy the beauty of the Cascades up close and personal. Enjoy rustic touches indoors and being steps away from the river, conservation trails, and North Cascades National Park. If you are looking for a moment of relaxation and tranquility, this is the place for you. 

Historical Cabin in the North Cascades

Head out of the hustle and bustle of society to this cozy cabin rental and retreat into the arms of nature. This ideal Airbnb spot has everything you need to enjoy a peaceful weekend in the North Cascades. This cabin is centrally located and provides access to numerous hiking trails. Enjoy a peek into the homesteading life and all the North Cascades have to offer. 

Vintage Airstream

Instead of your standard cabin rental in Washington, go glamping in a Vintage airstream that boasts tons of character! Room for two, this cozy Airbnb getaway puts you in the heart of nature but not too far from local eateries and breweries. Enjoy the breathtaking views and evenings out on the town or cozied up around our outdoor fire pit. You have everything you need to enjoy a getaway in nature without having to rough it too much! 

Fern Oasis at Baker Lake

We like to refer to this as camping, but with a roof over your head! You’ll enjoy all the rustic amenities camping has to offer–an outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor living–but you’ll get to rest easy knowing you can come indoors at night. This North Cascades cabin boasts endless adventures in the wilderness of Washington for up to three guests. This Airbnb is the perfect, solitary retreat to unplug and unwind.

Seriously, how cute are each of those cabin rentals?? Obsessed. I also wanted to share a few highlights of things to do here as well as a few of the landmarks you might have heard about before.

What is the North Cascades Scenic Highway?

While planning a trip, you’ll most likely hear all about the North Cascades Scenic Highway. Essentially, it is a full 140-mile stretch from Twisp in the Methow Valley to Sedro-Woolley in the Skagit Valley. This section of the Cascade Loop changes rapidly as you make your way through the byway. Sometimes referred to as “Washington’s Ultimate Road Trip,” the North Cascades Scenic Highway gives locals and tourists access to dining, recreation, nature, and numerous cabin rentals so you can take it all in.

From a local’s perspective, it’s a stunning drive on a clear day with views of the snowy mountains. Plus there are a few cute towns to stop in along the way.

Things to do in the North Cascades:

  • Explore the North Cascades National Park, home to over 300 glaciers
  • Check out Diablo Lake (pictured at the top of this post) and Ross Lake
  • Visit the Washington Pass overlook for sweeping views
  • Go fishing for salmon or simply watch the eagles
  • Visit during larch season for really fun bright yellow conifers that only turn during a specific time of year in the fall

Plus, there are countless opportunities for hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, and more!

Things to Know Before Visiting the North Cascades:

Because of avalanche danger, be sure to keep an eye on road conditions especially if you’re trying to drive from the East side to the West side. Typically, from November until May, Highway 20 (the North Cascades Scenic Highway) is closed for safety concerns like avalanches and snow conditions. So be sure to plan accordingly!

It is also pretty remote out here and without your typical grocery stores and restaurant offerings. So, again, plan accordingly so that you’re able to make your own meals. The businesses that do exist out here are open in the summer since that is the height of tourist season.

9 Cozy Cabin Rentals in Washington for a North Cascades Getaway + Airbnb recommendations, tips from a local, and things to know before booking a cabin

Discover Natural Beauty on your North Cascades Getaway!

Are you ready for an adventure? Choose your favorite cozy cabin rental in Washington and come take advantage of all the North Cascades has to offer. Stay for a week or stay for a weekend, seasonal activities are available all year round. There is always something new to discover in the Cascade Loop! And I can’t wait to hear what you love most when you take your North Cascades getaway. Let me know and tag me on Instagram!

Photos via each Airbnb listing. Lead image by Jojotastic.

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