Monthly Life Update, February 2022

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linen and flannel bedding with cozy wool throw blanket. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

WOWOWOW Happy March! I am beyond ready to say goodbye to winter. These longer days are truly giving me life and totally perking up my mood. As per usual, we’ve been busy busy both behind-the-scenes and here on the blog. It finally feels like I’m coming out of my wintertime fog and can feel more excitement about the coming months. Here’s a recap of how February was!

The Tiny Zoo

Everyone is doing so well! Noodle is starting to show his age (still very much unknown what that number actually is) more and more, so we’re trying to do our best to keep him spoiled, comfortable and happy. For example, he now officially gets to lick clean every dinner plate. It’s a terrible habit, I know… but he’s old and it brings him joy!

My Health

Literally no news to report on this front, which I consider a great thing! Hurray!

The Cabin

I would say that the biggest change in cabin life this month was our new (to us) tractor! We got a really good deal on a 1980s John Deere because it needed some work… and thankfully, Sean is great at that sort of thing. So ever since getting it home, he’s been hard at work getting it up and running so I can tackle my plans for an epic garden this spring.

Speaking of, we also mapped out the exact location of my vegetable garden, as well as landscaping and even a cut flower garden. It’s literally all I can think about and all I want to do right now, even though it’s still quite cold outside. We’re hoping to break ground by my birthday, March 18. Stay tuned!

The other thing we’ve been working on in the cabin is finishing projects and resolving annoying little things. For example, I repainted our bathroom and feel surprisingly less stabby now that it isn’t completely pastel. We’ve also been finishing up details like installing lighting and better organization.

And most recently, we had yet another power outage and windstorm… and I handled it all by myself! I got the generator up and running for the first time, drained the tank in our pumphouse so the water wouldn’t freeze, and all the other random emergency stuff we have to deal with. So I’m pretty darn proud of myself about THAT!

Business + My Blog

I’m going to do the annoying blogger thing… I have some REALLY exciting projects in the works and can’t share the full details yet. Some include projects here in the cabin, while others are a totally new venture for me. I’m excited and feel ready to see where I can take my business this year!

I also have a brand partnership in the works with a flooring company to finally get our bedroom flooring done! We’re DIYing it, so of course I’ll be documenting the entire process. Stay tuned, I am sooo ready to get that room more settled — and maybe even finished?? That would be a huge thing checked off of our 2022 home goals.


We are so great. I might have spring fever and feel all lovey dovey as the weather gets warmer, but you guys… I’ve never been more in love with my husband. I feel totally obnoxious saying that. The time we do get to spend together is so precious and I keep looking back at this wild and adventurous lifestyle we’ve chosen and I’m just really proud of us — and I am SO READY to have another summer out here together to explore!

So that’s a snapshot of what life’s been like for us in the month of February! As always, thank you so much for following along on our journey and being so wonderfully supportive of everything I share here and on social media.

Behind The Blog

Joanna Hawley-McBride is a Pacific Northwest-based social media strategist, content creator, and former textile designer. Joanna is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jojotastic, a lifestyle blog focused on Joanna’s work-in-progress cabin, finding the best pair of underwear through #UnderwearThesis, and empowering women to explore nature — all in her signature unfiltered style. Her work has been featured in Domino, CNBC, and Eating Well.

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