9 Easy Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms

9 of my fave and easiest bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you style your space, no matter the size!
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Admittedly, our current bedroom is not exactly small. In fact, it’s larger than some of the apartments I lived in when I was younger! However, our guest bedroom is still small and, don’t forget, we lived small for over 5 years. So I definitely have a lot of decorating ideas for small bedrooms! Today I wanted to share some of my fave and easiest bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you style your space, no matter the size. Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite decor trick.

Expert Decor Ideas for Small Bedrooms That I Swear By

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1. Don’t forget the magic of paint

Let’s start with the most basic decorating idea: fresh paint literally works magic no matter the size of your space! Be sure to check out my post about how to choose bedroom paint colors. There are tons of tips in that post to help you choose color with confidence.

2. Consider an accent wall (or ceiling!)

Similarly, I love the change that a single accent wall can bring to a space. For example, our tiny bedroom in our first home! The bold wallpaper helped to anchor the bed and give the room a focal point, which is a key idea for small bedrooms.

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3. Invest in tall plants

If you have low ceilings, listen up! The best way to make a small bedroom feel taller is to draw the eye up. One of my favorite ways to do that is by including large and tall houseplants in your decor plan. Not only do plants purify the air, they add a lovely element of life to any space.

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4. Be intentional with your ceiling paint finish

I’ve shared this tip for small rooms before, but it always bears repeating: use flat paint on your ceiling! Flat paint helps to create the illusion of space and higher ceilings because it doesn’t reflect as much light as a satin finish. 

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5. Strategically use mirrors

I feel like this decorating trick is very well-known, but still important. One of the best bedroom ideas for a small room is to incorporate a large mirror. Floor mirrors are so easy to decorate with, simply lean them up against a bare wall. And voila! The perfect way to bounce around additional light and make a room feel larger.

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6. Use lighting to draw the eye up

The ceiling in our current bedroom is quite low, probably less than 8′! Because of this, I’ve had to employ quite a few of these small space tips to make it feel taller. One of my favorite tricks is to use lighting to trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher. I recommend floor lamps, but also statement making pendants and chandeliers.

7. Hang your curtains close to the ceiling

I’m a big fan of using curtains instead of closet doors to save space. But the best way to utilize curtains in general is to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. This will elongate the room and draw the eye up.

For our bungalow bedroom, I also chose white drapes because they would blend in with the white walls. The result was that the room instantly felt larger!

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8. Invest in a storage bed

My love of our storage bed is deeeeeep! Since we upgraded to a king size bed, we now use the storage bed in our guest room. It’s perfect for storing extra linens and out of season clothing. But when we lived small, the storage bed was amazing for holding all of our outdoor gear.

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9. Hidden storage is your new bff

During our 5 years of living small, I got really good at finding ways to incorporate hidden storage. For example, we chose nightstands that had two large drawers. I encourage you to really example every piece of furniture in your small bedroom and see if you can use it to better support your storage needs!

These are literally just a FEW of my decorating tips for small bedrooms! I have so many more… and I’m sure you do, too. Leave a comment and let me know what I might have missed and what has worked well in your own home.

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