ceramics by suite one studio

Handmade ceramics are a perennial favorite of mine. My kitchen cabinets are practically bursting with stacks of hand-thrown pouring bowls and tiny dessert plates, even hand-built mugs. I tend to be very curated and mix-and-match in my collecting, but there’s one ceramicist to whom I always gravitate: Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio. Her pieces have a soft, feminine sensibility to them that I just love. Each piece is softly irregular and gorgeously glazed. Recently, Lindsay started experimenting with imprinting actual herbs from her garden onto each plate. She then paints over the imprint with a soft watercolor wash, making these dessert plates totally unique and incredible. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.

jojotastic - ceramics by suite one studioLindsay also has gorgeous glazes, especially her latest shade of navy. This color reminds me of the deepest, darkest part of the ocean, where it’s almost like staring into the abyss. I absolutely love it, especially when popped with metallic gold.

links: palette cheeseboard / ink blot nesting bowls

jojotastic - ceramics by suite one studiophotography by Suite One Studio