one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3

Wow, where is the time going?? I feel like last week’s update with the paint was a dramatic change, so this week doesn’t feel that huge. Well, actually… I stand corrected. I had some electrical drama that forced me to make some tough decisions, but I’m happy with how it all turned out.

Let’s start over. Basically, when I removed the old mirror, I found about 4 holes behind it, all with exposed wiring. What the actual eff. My plan had originally revolved around replacing the existing sconces with new ones, but when I saw a centered, taller opening with wiring, I went with that instead. This meant I could get even better lighting in the bath-cave and really create an actual Moment for my vanity area.

PROGRESS REPORT! one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3 #oneroomchallenge @lowesAfter about 4 trips to Lowes, I decided on this allen + roth brushed nickel vanity light. It feels modern, but still bohemian and casual. Plus, I love curvy glass.

Once the vanity light mounted, I had a bit more drama and it all revolved around picking the correct temperature of lighting. I kid you not, I tried about 6 different types of lightbulbs. I desperately wanted to have those cool Edison bulbs, but they cast such a yellow light that it changed the paint color into something a bit like pea soup. Not a good look. I tried tons of other options, ranging from cool to neutral. And what did I end up with? Your run of the mill incandescent 40-watt bulbs. No joke.

PROGRESS REPORT! one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3 #oneroomchallenge @lowesI also swapped out the lighting by the shower for this allen + roth clear glass pendant lamp. I love that it’s dramatic and modern, but not too much of a statement piece because…

PROGRESS REPORT! one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3 #oneroomchallenge @minted

Art! When I found out that Minted as a sponsor of One Room Challenge, I nearly lost my damn mind. I knew exactly which piece I wanted — Untitled 4 by Jaime Derringer. She’s one of my favorite artists (and a generally awesome human), plus this piece really encapsulates all of the colors I’m using in the bathroom. There are even tones similar to the exposed brick within her piece! Minted has gorgeous frames, too, so I opted for the distressed charcoal stain. It’s so perfect with Jaime’s piece.

PROGRESS REPORT! one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3 #oneroomchallenge @minted

Then for the area above the toilet, I wanted something a bit smaller. I opted for Phases by Susie Allen in a matching frame and I couldn’t be happier. Both pieces complement my design while also being pieces I know I’ll have for a long, long time (even if I move again).

PROGRESS REPORT! one room challenge // loft bathroom, week 3 #oneroomchallenge

That’s all of my progress for this week — what do you think?

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  1. 10.22.15
    Sherry Hart said:

    Love the lighting! I was pretty stoked about the Minted sponsorship also and kind of went crazy:) We are halfway and things are looking pretty good for you!

    • 10.23.15
      joanna said:

      hehe i saw! you made some good picks, too.

  2. 10.21.15
    Marcie Millholland said:

    Ummm….. fabulous. Love the lighting and art!!

  3. 10.21.15
    CallingitHome said:

    You are almost done. The art looks fantastic.

    • 10.21.15
      joanna said:

      thank you! still have textiles and storage to go, but i’m feeling good about the progress!

  4. 10.21.15
    Cristin Bisbee Priest said:

    hello! love the f&b paint color on the walls! the artwork from minted is perfect too!


    • 10.21.15
      joanna said:

      thank you! i’m really happy with how they all ‘live’ together :)

  5. 10.21.15

    It’s looking like you’re almost done you lucky girl! I love that paint colour so much and your art selections from Minted are so pretty!

    • 10.21.15
      joanna said:

      i *wish* i was almost done! i’ve had a bit of a storage crisis, so hopefully i can find a storage piece that is both functional AND pretty ;)

  6. 10.21.15
    Susan said:

    looks awesome (and love the piece by Jaime)! how do I get in on this one room challenge action?! ;)

    • 10.21.15
      joanna said:

      ahh! maybe the next round?? you’d have so much fun.

  7. 10.21.15

    I hear you with the lightbulb thing. Getting the color of the light right is critical in a small space. I love, love your new pendant and the wall color is so nice. You are well on your way!

    • 10.21.15
      joanna said:

      ugh, too many lightbulbs… ;)