a little extra grace // say yes

No, I’m not asking you to marry me or choose an overpriced white dress. I’m demanding you to start seizing your big, scary, life altering dreams.

Our minds can often trick us into saying, “No, there’s no way I could do that,” or “No, I’m not good enough.” After shaming myself into a string of negative thoughts and questions, I often arrive at two questions: “What if I never think I’m good enough to do this?” and “Why not me?” There even comes a time when the “inspirational” words “you are enough” are just not, for lack of a better word, enough. To me, the words feel like a nice pat on the head; they help me remember how precious my life is but never ignite a fire within me bold enough to do something unexpectedly amazing. I continuously hold myself back out of fear, when I should be dismissing thoughts of my insufficiency. To a large extent, saying yes to our dreams can mean saying no to our own doubts and the doubts of others.

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It’s popular to be your most authentic self but, many of us, including myself, worry too much what others may think about who we are or what our dreams involve. We are torn between the pressure of being authentic, people-pleasing, and being happy while we’re at it. But your dream project, is just that, *yours*. While it’s helpful to gain feedback from others, their doubts certainly shouldn’t kill your dream. Respectively, you have to utilize their feedback constructively without letting it encourage your own negative thoughts. Plus, I need to point out, “saying no” to unnecessary responsibilities brought on by others, or yourself, can allow you more time to say yes to your own ambitions.

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Saying yes more often during these internal battles gives ourselves permission to shine our brightest. You need the courage you are only able to build within yourself to make something happen. Learn how to quiet your inner dialogue long enough to see where these dreams could take you. Encourage yourself to take the risks and say yes.

Remind yourself daily by downloading this wallpaper!

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Instructions to download:

  • Click this link.
  • Save the image.
  • Find the image in your photo library.
  • Set it to be your desktop image. Then go enjoy your rest!

This download was made with Higgins Eternal black ink and a 2 round paint brush.

Photography by Bruce Layman and Colore’ Grace for Jojotastic.

Please note: these designs are for personal use only and not for any commercial purposes. All copyright of these images is retained by Colore’ Lincoln.

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