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Make your gifts stand out this holiday season with layered wrapping paper!

Confession: sometimes I like wrapping christmas presents even more than giving them. I daydream about all the possibilities of colors and textures, dressed up with ribbons, bows and tags… The only downside is the inevitable pile of wrapping paper scraps leftover from awkwardly sized presents and end-of-the-roll pieces. So this year instead of chucking away all that beautiful gift wrap, I’m using it for a layered effect you can do with any paper you have on hand!

DIY Layered Wrapping Paper! //

My gift wrapping station can get pretty crazy in the last few days leading up to C-Day (Ihristmas, that is), giving me plenty of scraps with which to play! I try to keep most of my wrapping papers in a similar color-family and change it up from year-to-year, but don’t worry, if you’ve got bright blue frosty the snow man print and dark red holly patterns, there’s still hope. All you need are a few neutral pieces to bridge the gap.

DIY Layered Wrapping Paper! //

2015 was pretty much the year I fell in love with marbling — hence the piles of marbled paper everywhere. Unfortunately, it was all cut to pieces from the first round of presents that needed to be sent out nice and early. Time to get layering!

Start by wrapping your present in the first pattern and secure in place with some colorful washi tape. (Side not: I’m a HUGE fan of using washi instead of transparent tape for a modern, handmade feel.) Next, wrap a piece of your second patterned paper around the present and secure in place with a ribbon and bow. Bonus points for metallic bakers twine.

DIY Layered Wrapping Paper! //

Why limit your layers? I combined these two similar marbleized patterns with a neutral-colored handmade paper in between. For wide layers, finish off with a thin piece of twine and tiny bow to balance everything out. This one turned out so cute, the perfect addition under my boho christmas tree.

DIY Layered Wrapping Paper! //

Lastly, never underestimate the power of a box. I always keep an eye out for mid-sized cardboard boxes to in which to wrap strange shapes or soft items. For bonus points, wow your recipient by securing in place without tape so that when they pull the ribbon it opens up all by itself.

DIY Layered Wrapping Paper! //

Start by cutting a piece of your base layers to size (set aside any small pieces to be used on other presents). Next, loosely wrap around your present and press on the corners to create indentations, then carefully crease on each fold. This step is really important if you want to forgo the tape. Cut a piece of your accent paper and wrap around the center of the box. Finish with a piece of pretty twine and tiny bow.

p.s. If you’re a fellow Seattleite, I picked up this paper from the uw bookstore. Here are some other great options I’m loving:

Project and styling by Gwen McKenzie for Jojotastic.

Photography by Meghan Klein.

pssst… more DIY projects right this way!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this layered wrapping paper tutorial! And if you make some, be sure to post a photo and tag @jojotastic on Instagram so we can see.

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