The Benefits of Rose Quartz

This is a really exciting week, you guys! After the great response we received about our DIY crystal planters to purify your home, I realized it was time to dig deeper and share even more about each of the crystals we featured. For the next 3 days, I’m going to dig deeper into each one and share more helpful info. Today we’re talking about the benefits of Rose Quartz.

Quartz is considered the master crystal and all forms have clear, strong energy. This energy can be used to amplify nearly any intention the user is looking to manifest in their life. Quartz further promotes clarity and stimulates attunement between the mind, body, and soul.

There are many different types of quartz, each with their own unique properties. Pictured above is the lovely pink Rose Quartz, often called the ‘love stone’ as it carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and tenderness, providing healing nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds and circulating a divine loving energy to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments.

As Quartz crystals are profound amplifiers of energy, they can be used throughout your space to balance emotions and bring peace and calm. All carrying energies of forgiveness, tolerance and compassion, enabling us to see the good in both ourselves and others. It’s an essential in all crystal collections and a powerful healing stone.

photography by Meghan Klein.

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