Weekend Wellness: The Importance of Voting

At first I was worried that calling this post ‘wellness‘ is a bit of a stretch, but given how stressful our country’s politics have been for the past 2+ years… I think I’m justified in it! Considering that only 58.1% of our population voted in 2016 (source), it feels absolutely necessary for me to use my platform to encourage each of you to vote in this year’s mid-term elections. Also, let’s be totally upfront here: this post is not about convincing you to vote a certain way or along a party’s lines. It is more about why it is so damn important that you go out and cast your ballot and exercise your right to vote. I don’t use this word lightly, but voting is absolutely crucial. Hopefully this post helps to show you the importance of voting + I listed resources to help you vote!

Why Voting Is So Damn Important:

Voting Is Your Right — and how cool is that?

The sad thing is that so many countries either don’t allow their citizens to vote or make it so that their vote doesn’t actually count or matter. As Americans, we are so lucky that our votes so matter (hello, Florida) and we must continue to exercise this Constitutional right. Voting today preserves that and hopefully gets us to a place where fewer and fewer people will be disenfranchised in the future. I know that there is a lot discussion around the topic of voter suppression — but the key here is to do everything you can to make sure you can vote.

Your Vote Helps Shape Future Laws

It feels cliché to say this, but think of the children! When I vote, I always think about how this particular topic or candidate can cause a ripple effect for future generations. This thinking goes hand in hand with considering climate change (there’s a carbon tax on the ballot here in Washington), healthcare, and LGBTQ, minority, and women’s rights. If you’re unhappy with the direction that our country is taking on issues that matter to you, this is how you can control it (among other ways, like running for office yourself, peacefully protesting, and mailing your representatives).

If You Don’t Vote, You Don’t Get to Complain

Just being blunt here… but if you don’t vote, you’re basically saying that someone else can choose for you and that you don’t care about the society you live in. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility; it’s irresponsible not to do it.

Voting Resources to Help You Cast Your Ballet:

How to Register to Vote

How to Check If You’re Registered

How to Find Your Polling Place

How to Talk to Someone with Different Views

How to Vote in Each State

Here in Washington, we vote by mail, so I’ve already weighed in. Sean and I made a little date of it by ordering delivery, having some wine, and reading our voter pamphlet to help make informed decisions.

If you’ve already voted, let me know in the comments!

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