Weekend Wellness: 5 Things To Do For Yourself During the Holidays

5 Things To Do For Yourself During the Holidays, Weekend Wellness. during the holidays, thanksgiving, and year round. #wellness #gratitude #selfcare #healthyhabits

Sometimes I wonder if the holidays and self-care can’t go hand in hand, as though the act of celebrating the season means you can’t possibly prioritize yourself. When I’m focused on finding the perfect gift or sharing a bit of holiday magic, it is always with someone else in mind. Also, this my busiest time of year business-wise, so it’s even harder for me to take care of myself. This is actually an internal struggle for me that I am constantly battling, but it heightens during the rush of the holidays. As always, I’m a list maker, so I tried to brainstorm things I can do for myself, even though it’s the holiday season. I hope this list of things to do for yourself during the holidays helps you to avoid this struggle as well!

5 Things To Do For Yourself During the Holidays

Give Yourself A Break

I almost feel hypocritical listing this one, because I am the woooorst when it comes to giving myself a break. I tend to go full steam ahead and push myself until I hit a breaking point, which is horribly unsustainable and why I have been so focused on my wellness journey lately. Taking a break can mean anything. My favorite way to unwind is to leave my phone in another room and read in bed. It’s ok if I fall asleep while reading and there’s just something that makes me feel so rested after I indulge in this. Plus, if you give yourself a break from constantly going going going, your likelihood of getting sick will be reduced.

Eat Well

Food is literally the fuel for your body, so if you’re overindulging, you might feel totally out of whack. Especially if you’re having lots of sugar! There can be so much pressure during the holidays to eat lots of heavy meals and desserts and drinks lots of booze. Give yourself the grace to eat what feels right for your body, even if that is a salad while everyone else is eating pie. It’s all about balance. Plus, alcohol can act as a depressant, so if you skip drinking you’ll probably feel better in general. And, if you feel like you’ve lost your way, these tips will help you get back on track.

Practice Gratitude

Writing in my Five Minute Journal each morning and evening has become part of my daily ritual. I encourage you to do the same because it’s really incredible what basking in the warm glow of gratitude can do for your psyche. Plus, it’s amazing how much simply writing something down on paper can clear your mind and help relieve stress.

Treat Yourself

You might be so busy buying gifts for everyone on your list, but what about yourself? I’m probably too self-indulgent sometimes, but I like to treat myself to at least one nice Christmas gift. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or even an actual object. Treating yourself to a massage, acupuncture, or a pedicure will definitely do the trick and remind you of how important you are.

Give Yourself Permission

For some reason, I always feel this need to say yes to everything during the holidays — even if all I want to do is stay home. I’ve been working on giving myself permission more often to do what I actually what to do. This can mean anything… permission to stay home and watch a holiday movie instead of going to a party, permission to stick to your budget, permission to say you don’t want a cocktail, etc. It’s all about letting go of the guilt that can be associated with the holidays. To do this, I ask myself questions like “Do I really want to do this?” or “What value will this bring to my life?” Taking time to give yourself grace and ask these questions will help you figure out what is truly most important (and not just during the holidays).

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