9 Things of Note in May 2019

9 things of note: Joanna’s Favorite Things from May 2019. including Dagne Dover, Otherland, Glossier solution, new shorts, CBD gummies, Restoration House and MORE! #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves

Hello from Italy! I’m so excited to be BACK and teaching this year. Be sure to watch my Instagram Stories because I’m posting a lottt of my adventures there. I did a lot of shopping leading up to my trip, so it’s a great time to share what I’ve been loving this month. Hint: I am obsessed with my new Dagne Dover fanny pack!

Joanna’s Favorite Things from May 2019 (including Dagne Dover, Otherland, & more)

As always, please note that a few of these items have been gifted to me. I have indicated that with an asterisk * next to the name of the product. As usual though, I am only sharing what I have absolutely loved and would spend ‘real money’ on regardless.

Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks*

Kennesha is an amazing local friend I’ve made thanks to Instagram and I am so excited to share her beautiful, soulful book with you. Not only are the images absolutely stunning, but Kennesha tells her story of creating a home in an approachable, cozy way.

Public Goods dental care bundle*

I’m always interested in finding ways to go greener in my daily life. I was invited to try out Public Goods and I’m most wow-ed by the sustainable dental care bundle. The biodegradable floss is better than most I tried and I love the bamboo toothbrush for travel especially.

Follain Lip Balm*

I’m realllly picky when it comes to lip balms. A lot of them have a really weird tendency to make my throat feel funny. This one doesn’t do that! And it smells absolutely amazing.

Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack

So I neverrr thought I’d get a fanny pack, but now I get it! After traveling for a few days with it, I love the ease of having everything right there… and it’s nice to have that peace of mind while traveling. I also got a Dagne Dover backpack for my trip and so far I am loving it. The neoprene is SO good and I’m left wondering why more brands aren’t doing this??

The Awakening Collection from Otherland*

I’ve seen sooo many ads about Otherland on Instagram, so when they reached out to share their new collection, I was excited. And the hype is real: these candles are awesome. They smell amazing, burn really well, and have truly unique fragrance combos. My favorite is Extra Hour.

Hudson Valley Rye 11″ Wide Angled Brass Ceiling Light*

Finding a good flush mount light fixture can feel like an insurmountable task. We installed this porthole inspired ceiling light recently and I am loving it. The finish is perfect and the nautical details are really fun.

Glossier Solution

It’s not that I have a ton of breakouts, but I do get some redness. I’ve been using the Solution from Glossier and it’s really awesome. The overall texture of my skin is far improved, even after just a few weeks. I highly recommend!

BB Dakota shorts

I usually don’t enjoy wearing shorts… I tend to feel like there aren’t any flattering styles out there for my body type. But it’s been really hot, so I ordered these paperbag waist shorts. I love them! They are really cute with a simple tee and sandals… and I don’t feel like they are totally unflattering.

Oliver’s Harvest 600 mg CBD gummies*

My stress levels have been through the roof lately because of everything I needed to do ahead of my trip. I’m a firm believer in the power of CBD to help me control my anxiety, so these CBD gummies have been awesome. They taste great and really work. I’ve also found that they help me sleep better!

So these are my 9 fave products from May! If you have any tips or requests for June, let me know.

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