Q&A #5: Your Questions About Decor, Social Media, & Our Relationship

Honestly, one of my favorite features on Instagram is the question box. Not only does it help me know what type of content you’re interested in seeing here on the blog (and about my social media school), it also helps me to share even more about my day to day life! And, you know me, I’m an open book. Recently, I asked you to submit questions about decor, social media, and our relationship… so here are the answers!

Q&A: Answering Even MORE of Your Questions about Decor, Social Media, & Our Relationship

Is an ombré wall still in style? Need advice on a big black wall in my office. Statement wall, help please!

Honestly, I don’t even really know if it’s “in style” or not… for me, home decor is more about what you’re passionate about having in your home. If you love ombré, then I’m sure you’ll make it work. There are so many articles about how ‘blue is over,’ but I will continue to incorporate navy blue into my decor because I love it and it feels right for my space — especially the dining room.

Another idea you could do for a statement wall is to use wallpaper. There are tons of removable options like Tempaper or Chasing Paper. Or you can go the permanent route like we did in our bedroom.

Thinking about repainting our 1940s brick house and need non-white inspo picks. Ideas??

I actually realllly wanted a brick house when I was house hunting. I ended up with a bungalow with vinyl siding, but my dream still persists. So lucky you! I’ve seen lots of black or charcoal grey homes lately and they are just so chic. To me, it feels very Scandinavian and modern, but still cozy. If black is too much and too dramatic, try charcoal! I’ve saved a lot of painted brick inspiration to my Exteriors pinboard. You could also do a grey-ish taupe shade (aka greige) for a sophisticated, but neutral look.

Advice for updating a fireplace?

There are so many options for fireplaces! Without knowing what your fireplace actually looks like, I’d suggest painting the existing stone or brick around it. You can also re-tile the area in front with a patterned tile for a bohemian modern look. If you have a mantle that you don’t love, it’s easy to update it with by constructing a ‘box’ of wood and placing that over the existing mantle. From there, you could paint or stain it any shade you like.

How to make dark walls work when you don’t have a lot of natural light?

As light and bright as our dining room looks, it isn’t always. In the Seattle winter, it can be downright gloomy in our home. One way to make the navy blue accent feel brighter is to surround it with the brightest white paint possible. If your walls are in good shape, you can use a paint with a bit more of a sheen to it because that will help to bounce light. And lastly, if you go dark on one wall, make sure the rest of your furniture is light in color.

Is it ever hard on him to be an “Instagram boyfriend?” Or feel like you’re sharing too much?

This is definitely something we’ve talked about a LOT. Both of us value our privacy a ton, so we don’t put everything out there, regardless. Even though it might seem like we do! Most of the time, what we share is in good nature and funny. Plus, we both just feel so honored and lucky that people even care about what we do.

When are you having another social media class?

My next class is June 25! Reserve your spot here.

Would you ever offer your social media class online as well?

I am absolutely going to! I just need to figure out the right format because I want the class to be as packed full of info as possible AND for it to feel personalized and unique to what each attendee does.

If you were starting now on social media, what would you focus on doing?

I would suggest both Instagram and Pinterest. IG is a great platform for helping customers and followers to see an overview of what you stand for, your aesthetic, etc. Pinterest is a great way to spread the content and products you create with a wider audience. I talk a lot about this in my social media school!

To submit more questions about decor, small spaces, and social media, leave them in a comment on this post, shoot me an email, or DM me on Instagram!

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