My Coronavirus Resource Guide + Personal Thoughts

It took me a while to publish today’s post. I rewrote it a few times and, once, even deleted it. Everything in the news today is so serious and so scary that I actually almost didn’t even get out of bed today. There are so many unknowns with my lungs that I am taking Coronavirus extremely seriously. My genetic testing appointment got pushed out because it’s too risky for me to go to medical facilities right now. So now I am hunkered down in my home, trying to work, but also trying to find some joy. If you missed my Instagram post over the weekend, Sean and I got chicks for my birthday. They have provided the truest, simplest, sweetest form of joy that I could possibly ask for right now. I am always trying to make this blog a better, more useful place for you — and right now I think the best way I can do that is to make a post that offers my suggestions for this uncertain time.

Coronavirus Resource Guide + Things to Do

Where to get information

I don’t know about you, but I have been extremely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of news and sources of information about the coronavirus. It’s honestly contributing BIG TIME to my anxiety and fatigue. I made a rule for myself to limit screen time and where I go for COVID-19 information. Here’s what I’ve found most informative:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — I hope this one is obvious. To me, this is the go-to source for information about symptoms, preparations, and the latest updates about COVID-19 cases.

World Health Organization — I’ve been following the WHO closely for information about the global impact of the virus.

The Seattle Times — I’ve been keeping this window open and refresh because they are updating it as often as possible with Seattle and King County-specific info.

What to do while social distancing

I’ve shared a lot of posts about movies and TV that I enjoyed, plus a lotttt of book recommendations. I just updated my Amazon shop with everything I’ve read in 2020 so far. Plus, here’s a refresher of some that might help you unwind or be slightly distracted from the news these days:

In case you are working from home now, I shared tips on how to be more productive while doing so on Friday.

Also, I have totally nixed the blog posts I had planned for this week and will be dedicating the blog to posts that will help you cope, including my favorite comfort food recipes, DIYs to distract you, and more. If there is anything specific you’d like to see and would find helpful this week, please leave a comment or send me a DM and let me know. And most importantly, please stay safe, healthy, and home.

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