Dear Jojo: How to Create a Consistent Style, Bedroom Art, & More!

Back before we had to worry about COVID-19, I was going to share another Dear Jojo post where I answer all of your decor questions… and now here we are, two months later! I posed the prompt to Instagram the other day and lots of thoughtful, amazing questions were submitted. So let’s dig in and talk about how to create a consistent style in your home, what to hang over your bed, and more! Let’s dig in.

You Asked, I Answered: Your Questions About Hanging Art in the Bedroom, How to Create a Consistent Style, and More!

How do I create a consistent feel in my home decor?

First of all, I LOVE this question. I think that the fact you’re even asking it is a great sign that you know what you’re doing. First, create a pinboard that is dedicated to images you could envision inspiring your space. Don’t set any rules, just pin pin pin. Then, after a few weeks or so, go back to that board and start organizing the pins you saved into sections that are dedicated to each room in your home. As you scroll through the pins, you’ll start to see consistencies and similarities that can help you identify the style you like!

And lastly, this part is important: I’m a firm believer that if you collect pieces that you love, even without a firm plan in place for them, you’ll find a way to make it work. The key is to make sure you’re filling your home with what you love and letting that be the starting point for creating a consistent style and aesthetic.

I have a blank wall above my bed: what are my options?

Oh SO many options!! Personally, I love a big statement piece of art because it helps to anchor the space over the bed. It’s also very easy to hang, as opposed to curating a full-on gallery wall. It could be a painting, print, or photograph… or you can choose a 3-dimensional piece of wall art. I’m also a fan of the accent wall because it’s a low impact way to bring some drama to a space. If you’re a renter, maybe check out some removable wallpaper! Or you can paint a pop color, then place art on that wall over the bed.

Any rules for painting an accent wall? What if there are two windows on the wall?

Speaking of accent walls…! Personally, the only rules I consider when choosing an accent wall is making sure that it makes sense and adds something to the overall space and design plan. For our bedroom, I wanted to add pattern and color because most of the selections were neutral. When it comes to our dining room, I almost painted the wall that has a window with the navy blue color… but the window meant that there wouldn’t be nearly enough of the color! I wanted DRAMA, so doing the other wall made the most sense.

It’s also worth noting that an accent wall helps to ground a space and give it a focal point. So keep that in mind when choosing a location, too!

How do you make the open concept shelving work with a small space?

Two things: clear the clutter and have a consistent color palette! When you look at our kitchen shelves, for example, I kept the color of the items in the family of neutral, warm tones, blues, and a few touches of green. That helps to make things feel unified and like they complement the space instead of competing with other elements.

Then, in terms of clutter… I am BIG on making sure there isn’t too much visual noise when styling shelves. Mix in simple storage pieces like boxes, bins, and sets of drawers (like in this post) to help contain stuff and simplify. If you have a lot of books, but feel like they don’t match, you have a few options: cover the books with kraft paper so they all match or arrange them by color… or you can rotate them so the pages face forward and match better.

And lastly, if you’re still worried about the clutter, consider adding curtains like we did for our bedroom closet! It’s soooo nice to be able to draw the curtains closed and not see our clothing.

Weight limit or restrictions on hanging items on a fireplace wall that’s hollow inside?

I can’t help but wonder how big/heavy of a piece you’re trying to hang! Just kidding… if you’re trying to hang shelves, I would consult with a pro to make sure that you’re able to… especially since fireplaces are so structural. But if you’re trying to hang art and your fireplace is brick, these hangers are amazing. If your fireplace is stone, be sure to use a masonry bit and the proper anchor to hang your piece.

Matching vinyl floor boards to natural hardwood in the house or should I go big on contrast?

Honestly, there are a lot of factors to consider in my mind before deciding on this. First, do you like the current floor enough to have more of it? Second, where would the transition be? I saw a really great example of this recently and I’m still trying to find it. As soon as I do, I will update this part of the post!

Bathroom art… is it a thing?

YES! I’ve always had art in my bathrooms, including a really cool mountain print in our current one. I like that it makes the space feel more designed and special.

Tips for decor decisions for a (recovering) perfectionist/all or nothing person?

Ohhhh, I feel this. I think that’s why it took SO long for us to renovate the kitchen. It felt so overwhelming and like I had to get every decision perfectly correct. Definitely take the time you need to process what your space needs and deserves. It is OK to take the time you need to decorate!

Going back the example of our kitchen, I also worked with Sarah from Room for Tuesday partially because it helps SO much to have a sounding board when making huge decisions. Sarah was able to help steer me into making decisions. Plus, it always helps to have an expert weigh in!

Would you recommend having a rug on carpet flooring?

Totally, especially if it’s a neutral carpet. A good example is you can anchor your sofa in the living room with a patterned rug. Or do that for your bed! It’s definitely ok to layer.

Decor for half bath with no windows… I want something fun in there!

You should wallpaper it!! Kyla from House of Hipsters did and I’ve been obsessed with it for years. Because a half bath is so small, you can have so much fun with it and do something totally unexpected. If you’re worried about the commitment of wallpaper, there are soooo many removable options that are great. Then, get a really cool mirror and you’re all set!

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