Source List: Our PNW Cabin Guest Room

Links to everything in our guest room!
Curious about the source of something in our PNW cabin guest room? Check out my full source list including lighting, rugs, furniture, & more!

So what did you think of our guest bedroom reveal last week?? I’m still absolutely obsessed with it and love how it turned out… especially because we’ve had so many visitors lined up to come see us this summer! I always get the “where is that from” question, so today I wanted to share a quick round up of everything in the cabin guest room so you can get the look, too! If I missed anything, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure this post gets updated.

Full Source List: Every Decor Item & Furniture Piece in Our PNW Cabin Guest Room

As always, please note that a few of these items have been gifted to me. I have indicated that with an asterisk * next to the name of the product. As usual though, I am only sharing what I have absolutely loved and would spend ‘real money’ on regardless.

Paint colors

In my mind, the biggest change is the paint for our guest room! It totally has transformed the room, even before we furnished it and decorated.

  • Dunn Edwards Everest Eggshell/Low Sheen in Birch White (DEW329)* — we used this for the closet ceiling, window trim, and the baseboards
  • Dunn Edwards Everest Eggshell/Low Sheen in Birchwood (DEC752)* — this is the accent wall color
  • Dunn Edwards Everest Eggshell/Low Sheen in Eames for Blue — (DET564)* — wall color
  • B-I-N Shellac-Based White Interior Primer and Sealer — I used this primer to seal and paint the sub-flooring until we’re able to afford putting in new flooring. After ripping up the previous owners’ carpet, there was still a strong odor, so this helped to seal that away.


Moving into the cabin has been interesting because we went from a tiny house to a much larger space that needs a lot of furniture! So I’ve been having fun finding homes for our existing furniture in a new environment. For example, our beloved storage bed is now in the guest room because we upgraded to a king size when we moved! I’m working on a post that’s all about how I transitioned our existing pieces into the new house, btw. You don’t always have to buy new when you move!


The other key piece in this room is the goooooorgeous rug from Annie Selke. That brand is rapidly becoming my favorite for well-made, interesting, and modern rugs. This one in particular was perfect for the project because it contains all of the colors in the room, including the orange-y tones of the exposed timbers! It’s even more stunning in person, too… I’m really tempted to steal it from this room and move it to our bedroom because I love it so much!


In terms of lighting the cabin’s guest bedroom, I kept things pretty simple. We installed the chandelier back in the fall, mostly because the light fixtures in the entire house were… lacking. And because this one was easily swapped out. Then, I wanted to make sure guests had a nice lamp on their nightstand for reading in bed, especially since there is only room for one nightstand.

Decor & Textiles

The biggest statement of the entire makeover (aside from the new blue wall color) is the accent wall covered in more of my vintage art collection. Originally, I wanted to remove the shiplap and wallpaper this portion of the room, but honestly… that ended up feeling like way too much work with little pay off in the long run and I’m tired. So instead, I painted it a neutral taupe color and covered it in art that I’ve collected over the years! I’m obsessed with how it’s turned out and plan to keep adding to it until the entire wall is covered.

Door hardware

If you’re looking for the source of anything else in our PNW cabin guest room, leave a comment on this post and I’ll update it!

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