Our TV Room Makeover Reveal + Sources

The big reveal of our TV room featuring an unexpected color palette!
TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - black velvet sectional sofa, olive green velvet drapes, chocolate brown paint

It’s finally time to reveal our TV room makeover! This is the last room to be transformed in our cabin with paint and I love how it’s turned out. The vibe is moody and cozy, but still casual. And so perfect for date nights at home. You might have already seen a peek of it on Instagram, but today I wanted to breakdown all of the details including my design goals, sources for everything in the room, and more!

All About Our Cozy Cabin TV Room Makeover

TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - before photos

Before photos

When we first toured the cabin, this room was a young boy’s room. It’s an odd space because it’s got a very sloped ceiling that makes it hard to walk through half of the space! Plus, see that closet in the back? There’s a 1′ gap at the top that connects to the guest room on the first floor. So sound definitely travels, too!

For the first year we lived in the cabin, this room was my home office. But I hated it! I could never get into my groove with working and found myself moving my laptop to other parts of the house instead of working at my desk. There was just something about the room that didn’t have good vibes. Also, I kept hitting my head on the ceiling any time I tried to get things out of the closet. It wasn’t ideal!

About 6 months ago on a whim I started swapping the tv room side of gear room with my office and was really happy I did! My office is now a way more productive and inspiring space.

TV Room Makeover: After

Once we finally had my home office settled, this room became our catch-all for pretty much everything that didn’t have a spot to live… until about a month ago! Here’s a rundown on all the changes I made to the space and why:

Paint color

The biggest change to the overall room is the wall color! I partnered with Dunn-Edwards DURA to choose the wall color and share it on Instagram. I wanted something moody and dramatic — and to be totally frank, I was leaning towards painting the room black. But I wasn’t 100% sure that was the right paint color since our guest bathroom downstairs is already black. How many black rooms is too many black rooms for one home??

While working with a Color Consultation from Dunn-Edwards DURA, I wanted to explore options that weren’t black… but black adjacent. Enter Espresso Macchiato, a rich black-brown that is velvety and oh-so-moody. If you had told me that I’d be obsessed with a brown paint color, I’d think you’re crazy. But here we are and I am literally obsessed.

Not only is the wall color the perfect complement to our cedar wood ceiling and beams, it provides a gorgeously sexy backdrop for our existing black velvet sofa.

TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - black velvet sectional sofa, olive green velvet drapes, chocolate brown paint

Our TV Room Furniture

Once the challenge of finding the right paint color was complete, it was time to furnish our cabin’s TV room. We kept our black velvet sectional because it’s literally the most comfortable spot to sit and watch movies. Also it fits well in the space and just like… why get a new one?!

Because of the low angled ceiling, the sectional floats in the room. There are a couple feet of space around the sides and about 4′ behind it to allow access to the closet where I store my photoshoot props.

I also added a console table behind the sofa to give us a space to set things down like drinks. Because the space is so tight, we couldn’t really do side tables. The console table table has been an awesome solution!

TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - black velvet sectional sofa, olive green velvet drapes, chocolate brown paint

We kept our white tv credenza for now, even though it looks comically small compared to our enormous television. I might swap it out eventually to get a bit more storage… we’ll see.

The only other furniture additions are these upholstered ottomans. I love the way the brown fabric complements the brown walls in a tonal hue. Also I think brown + black is rapidly becoming one of my all-time fave color combinations!

The framed print on the wall is from Artifact Uprising. It’s one of my favorite wedding photos! I’m not usually one to hang framed family photos in my home, but for some reason it felt right in this space. I love the huge scale of it.

TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - black velvet sectional sofa, olive green velvet drapes, chocolate brown paint

Our TV Room Decor Details

When it was time to choose a rug, I knew immediately what I wanted: something super-soft and cushiony, light in color, and wool. That’s why I chose the Numa Charcoal hand knotted rug from Annie Selke. They have such great quality rugs and this one meets all my criteria.

As for pillows, I opted for a terracotta pop of velvet with fringe from Etsy to pair with a vintage kilim pillow. I love the unexpected pairing of materials!

The corner with the pole beam was always a challenge for me, design-wise. So I decided to go with my #1 rule of design: put a plant in it! I moved our massive plant that I scored for $65 at an estate sale up to this space and I love it. The pole helps to provide support for the plant. Then we illuminated it with an oversized rice paper pendant — when it’s on it is just like the moon!

The final detail of our cabin’s TV room are the drapes… and here’s the thing: I’ve already returned them. I put them up and then immediately changed my mind. I believe that Roman shades will be a much better fit for this space, so stay tuned for that update!

TV room makeover in our PNW cabin - black velvet sectional sofa, olive green velvet drapes, chocolate brown paint

So what do you think of our cozy, newly completed TV room?? I’m really in love with it — to the point where it’s my current fave room in the house… but that happens pretty much any time I finish a decor project! Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Shop the room (don’t forget that you can always find the sources for everything in our home via the Shop My House page!)

Photography & styling by Jojotastic.

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  1. 4.11.23
    Paula Hrankowski said:

    This almost makes we want dark, low slanted ceilings. It looks so cosy

    • 4.12.23
      Joanna said:

      it’s especially nice when you can hear the rain on the metal roof! like a real life sound machine ;)