Our Fave Low-Key Holiday Traditions

Celebrate Christmas and have a wonderful holiday with these 4 low-key holiday traditions that we do every year!
Our Fave Low-Key Holiday Traditions including Christmas morning breakfast, winter wonderland walk, holiday pajamas, and more!

Wow, I cannot believe it is December and that Christmas is just a few short weeks away. I personally love the excitement of this time of year (Sean does not… read more about that here). I’ve already done my favorite part of the holidays, which is setting up our Christmas trees. So now it’s all about the smaller details of getting ready for the holidays, like making sure we’re ready for our favorite, low-key holiday traditions! Today I wanted to share what we do to inspire you and maybe to change things up.

All About Our Low-Key Holiday Traditions

Opening one gift on Christmas Eve

This holiday traditions actually started back when I was a kid. My parents are divorced and typically my dad had me on Christmas eve so my mom could work and make overtime since it was a holiday. As an only child, I was super impatient and my dad ended up giving into me one year and let me open ONE present.

That quickly became an annual tradition — and now Sean and I do it! We usually don’t go overboard on gifts for each other, but always make sure to get one smaller gift to open the night before.

Sausage gravy and biscuits for Christmas morning breakfast

I always love a special Christmas morning breakfast, especially if it’s a casual, slow affair. I want something cozy, filling, and a bit rich. My personal favorite breakfast of all time is sausage gravy and biscuits just like my grandpa used to make for the holidays. So because I grew up with that every holiday, we now do it, too!

Here are some yummy recipes from the blog archives that are perfect for Christmas breakfast:
Meet the perfect fall pancakes recipe with a twist: Chinese Five Spice Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe — so good and sooo easy! Recipe by Josh Borden, Wanderlust & Piecrust @wanderlustpiecrust The perfect cozy fall buttermilk pancakes recipe for breakfast and brunch! #pancakes #recipe

Chinese Five Spice Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

When I created this pancakes recipe, the flavor profile needed to give way to those authentic Fall flavors, and that’s precisely what it does. A more unique and robust flavor is achieved by taking a few extra steps when handling the common ingredients found in a standard pancake recipe and by creating your own blend of spices instead of reaching for that premixed pumpkin spice (you know, the one that’s been sitting in the back of our pantry for years).

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Cranberry Orange Morning Rolls for Christmas morning, breakfast, brunch, or dessert. #cranberry #orange #cranberryorange #morning #rolls #morningrolls #cinnamonrolls #breakfast #brunch #dessert #christmas #holiday

Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This recipe is a classic with a holiday twist. The filling is heavily perfumed and infused with orange zest, while the rolls are bathed in a tangy cranberry glaze. The tanginess of the cranberry balances out the sweet, pillowy-soft dough. That magenta glaze is undeniably pretty, too, so they have holiday festive vibes written alllll over them.

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Glazed Grapefruit Dutch Baby Recipe (Perfect for Christmas Morning Breakfast!)

I’ve always wanted to make a Dutch baby and simply didn’t realize just how easy it can be. We added another holiday staple, citrus, for an easy, delicious breakfast that’s great for sharing.

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Stay in pajamas all day

This is probably on everyone’s list of holiday traditions… or at least I hope so!! Again, it’s a ritual that stems from my childhood. As a kid, we made the rounds most holidays, often spending a lot of time in the car. That means that I never really got to lounge around in PJs all day and just relax.

So now, as an adult with nowhere to go, you better believe I stay in my pajamas all damn day! Granted, usually that means leggings and a hoodie, but comfort is king for us when it comes to Christmas day now.

Go for a walk in the mountains

And lastly, since we moved to the cabin last year, our newest tradition is going for a snowy walk. Because we live so close to the mountains, we can be on snow-covered trails within about 20 minutes. It’s the perfect way to get a bit of activity in on Christmas day without anything too strenuous. Plus, seeing snow on Christmas is always a lovely way to feel instantly more festive!

What do you think of these holiday traditions? I’m always adjusting ours and adding, so I’d love to know more about how you celebrate! Leave a comment and let me know so I can maybe even copy what you do.

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