Elderflower & Black Tea Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Elderflower & Black Tea Infused Vodka Cocktail Recipe #cocktail #blacktea #recipe #elderflower

With our backyard makeover in full swing, admittedly I have not had much time to entertain or to prep any fancy meals for us. Most nights, I throw together something easy for dinner that is still healthy and then we conk out early because we’ve been moving pavers around the yard for hours and hours. Woof. But spring is finally here in Seattle and I am feeling more and more like celebrating — even if it’s just with a few cocktails while we take a break from yard work. This cocktail is composed of a really smooth blend of elderflower liqueur, black tea infused vodka, and vermouth for an easy-to-make and easy-to-sip drink perfect for spring. Plus, once you’ve made your batch of black tea vodka it’s easy to make more in the future!

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April skincare + beauty edit (Vapour Beauty, The Ordinary, & more!)

This month’s skincare and beauty edit leans more toward the skincare side of things. Despite my intense travel schedule, I made sure to take good care of my skin — especially because I was wearing so much makeup at blogging events and my friend’s wedding. Let’s just dive right in! To start, my favorite change of the month has been switching to a new natural deodorant. I am now obsessed with Vapour Beauty and their palo santo & blood orange deodorant. It is beyond amazing. I don’t get funky a few hours after applying, I can work out with it on, and it smells amazing all day long. If you want to make the switch, I highly recommend it.

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the friday edit

white and blue handmade porcelain tableware dishes and bowls by Suite One Studio @suiteonestudio

Happy Friday! It feels sooooooo good to be home. After almost a week in North Carolina and then 36 hours in San Francisco, I got back late last night. After a week of traveling for work, I am so stoked to be back in Seattle and reunited with Sean and our tiny zoo. We have a lot of work to do this weekend, don’t get me wrong. But it feels so awesome to wake up in my own bed and have different clothing options!

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5 ways to reduce waste in your bathroom

5 ways to reduce waste in your bathroom. #greenliving #eco #smallspaces #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainability #skincareroutine

When I chose to live in a small space, part of my decision was inspired by my desire to reduce my impact on the environment. There are so many ways to reduce waste in your home, but my most recent area of focus has been the bathroom. From my skincare routine to storage, these 5 tips have minimized the amount of waste I generate, while also making decisions that are better for the environment.

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One Room Challenge: backyard oasis, week 3

One Room Challenge, my backyard oasis makeover week 3. Rock Ridge thermal bluestone pavers, makeover progress, landscaping, choosing a stain color and type of pea gravel. @mycraftyhmelife #oneroomchallenge

Happy week 3 of One Room Challenge! While I’ve been at High Point (check it all out on my Instagram Stories) getting all inspired, Sean has been back in Seattle working on the fence and doing a LOT of construction stuff. Imagine being in a showroom full of beautiful furniture, mimosa in hand, and getting a text message about trimming a massive tree — that is what week 3 of ORC has been like for us! Even though I’m traveling, so much progress has been made, especially lots of decisions.

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Rhubarb + Pink Peppercorn Cocktail Recipe

There’s something about spring that always makes me so excited to grocery shop and switch up everything we eat and drink. The local markets are chock-full of beautiful, fresh produce right now. One ingredient that I haven’t had a chance to explore much is rhubarb. Admittedly, I’ve always been intimidated by rhubarb and it’s tartness. I can wrap my mind around rhubarb when paired with strawberry and in a pie… but all other forms sort of stress me out! Or rather, they used to until I tasted my first sip of this rhubarb + pink peppercorn cocktail!

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