6 Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Like a Relaxing Sanctuary

6 Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Like a Relaxing Sanctuary! Tips for aromatherapy, how to make your bedding even better, what kind of lighting to use in a bedroom and more. #smallbedroom #sanctuary #smallspaces #bedroom #selfcare #selfcaretips #wellness

Self isolating in a small space has been… something. Sean is still working because his job has been deemed essential, but I have barely left my house in over a week except to go out into our backyard. Our home is 640 sqft and lately it’s felt too small because of my self quarantine! I’m a little stir crazy now that I’m an indoor cat (we’ve been joking about that). We only have 2 rooms with doors, the bedroom and the bathroom. So I’ve focused a LOT lately on making our small bedroom feel more like a relaxing sanctuary from all the craziness in the world. If you’re in the same situation, these 6 tips might help you!

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My Easy Ramen Recipe Made with Pantry Staples

How to Make My Easy Ramen Recipe with Pantry Staples! Brothy noodles with ginger, cilantro, tofu, sesame oil, gochujang and more. An easy lunch or cheap dinner idea. #recipe #ramen #ramenrecipe #pantry #pantrystaples #pantryessentials

I don’t know about you, but I’m barely grocery shopping these days. Instead, I am relying on staples that I usually keep stocked in my pantry. Actually, would you want a blog post about what my staples are?? Anyways, one easy lunch or dinner that I’ve been making a lot is this ramen recipe… although to call it a ‘recipe’ is a little disingenuous. Basically, this is a twist on the classic Cup of Noodles that we all know and love. When I was in college, I was very bougie about it and added a few ingredients to make it better. Well, that practice has evolved into the ramen you see in this post. It’s got layered, nuanced flavors, real vegetables, and actually tastes like something you could get at a restaurant. So I wanted to share it with you today, plus offer a few substitutions in case your pantry isn’t as fully stocked!

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My (Temporary) Small Space Home Office

How I Work From Home: My Temporary Small Space Home Office. I'm working from our tiny house (640 square feet!) because of the coronavirus, so I wanted to share a peek of what it's like + share my favorite productivity tech tools for blogging, including my electronic standing desk. #homeoffice #standingdesk #smallspace #smalloffice #smallbusiness #officespace

My workspace has been very unsettled ever since last September. I opted to move out of my studio space in order to save money, a decision for which I am so grateful today. After that, I tried to work out of our tiny bungalow, but it proved to be unhealthy in terms of stopping working at the end of the day. We had also just finished making over the living room and just… didn’t want my small space home office to be here! So we moved it 3 blocks north to Sean’s dad’s house. Now that there’s a freaking pandemic, I made the decision again to move my desk back into our 640 sqft home so that both Andy and I can avoid potentially infecting each other. I’ve shared a bit about this on Instagram, but have gotten lots of questions over the past week. So I wanted to share a mini tour of my current home office in case you’re also suddenly working out of your small space!

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Small Things to Do At Home That You Never Have Time to Do

Small Things To Do At Home While Sheltering In Place During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Self-care ideas, small home projects, and a to do list of simple chores to do that you never have time to do. #chores #todolist #coronavirus #shelterinplace #covid19 #stayhome #thingstodoathome

I suspect by now we’re all getting a little bit stir crazy… at least I am. Even though I generally work from home, there’s something about being told not to go out that’s making me want to leave my house all the more. But given how important it is to stay home, that is my number 1 priority right now. I’m trying to use this time as best as I can… and giving myself the grace to relax when it feels right. But it’s also a really good time to tackle things that I never have time to do. I brainstormed a long list of what those chores could be and thought you’d find it helpful, too!

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21 DIY Projects to Take Your Mind Off Things

Try Any of These 21 DIY Projects to Lift Your Mood & Distract You! kid-friendly craft projects, essential oils, how to ice dye, DIY craft projects. #DIY #crafts #tutorials #diyprojects

When I asked on Instagram what type of content I can share that will help to either distract or inspire you during the COVID-19 pandemic, one resounding suggestion was to share more DIYs! I have new ones in the works that use pantry and household goods, but for now I wanted to re-share some of the best projects we’ve shared in the past here on the blog. There are SO many and a few are kid-friendly, too. I realize that it might not be the easiest thing to find all of the materials to complete this projects. I did my best to round up our simplest DIY projects, but if you need help finding a substitute item for one, leave a comment on the post and I’ll do my best to suggest something else!

Project pictured: Shibori style dye bath mat
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30 Free Projects to Do At Home

Improve your home and distract yourself with this list of 30 FREE home improvement projects to do at home with things you already have on hand! #homeimprovementproject #DIY #socialdistancing #stayingin #homeimprovement #homeprojects #homerenovation #easyrenovation

I know my posting schedule has been a bit… unpredictable this week. I’m really been struggling to focus, to be honest, but after taking yesterday off for my birthday, I feel a bit more grounded. I stepped away from the news for a full day and it really helped my mental health. As I brainstorm ways to help both my household and yours through this scary coronavirus outbreak, I realized that it’s inappropriate to ask people to go to the hardware store for supplies for projects. And it’s irresponsible to order superfluous things online when that just puts mail carriers at greater risk. So with that in mind, Sean and I sat down and brainstormed this list of 30 free home improvement projects to do at home with things you probably have on hand!

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Comfort Food Recipes I Highly Recommend

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

I am definitely what you’d call an ’emotional eater,’ especially when it comes to comfort food recipes during stressful times. In the past few days of social distancing, I’ve made SO MUCH FOOD. Bread, cookies, braised chicken… and tomorrow, my birthday cake. I’ve shared a lot of comfort food recipes here on the blog, so I wanted to share those with you today to help you self-soothe during the coronavirus pandemic.

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