the friday edit

blue marble wallpaper, @rejuvenationinc sconce, mid century modern nightstand

Happy Friday, you guys! I’m currently writing this from the sofa because I feel a bit sick, but not like… full on sick. It’s quite annoying, actually. I’ve been feeling like this for weeks and yesterday I just gave into it, put on a marathon of ‘This Is Us’ and settled in with the dogs. Speaking of… if you’ve been following my Instagram Stories for the past few weeks, I started watching that show at the behest of my best friend. Are you a fan of ‘This Is Us?’ I’m having trouble getting into it, even 20 episodes in! There’s something about it that feels so… after-school special, Hallmark-y to me. I also find it to be really predictable, but here I am still watching it. I digress.

In case you missed it, here’s what we shared on the blog this week:

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recent styling work: Silver + Salt

My recent prop styling work for Silver + Salt, minimalist handmade jewelry from Seattle. #styling #propstyling #jewelry #flatlay

This year is already off to such an amazing start for me, with two BIG styling projects under my belt in just two months. I love it! Today I wanted to share my most recent styling work for Silver + Salt, a local jewelry maker (and good friend!). Her pieces are absolutely stunning, so when she asked me to help style a few flat lays for her new lookbook, I was totally in. It was also an opportunity for me to work with photographer Michelle Moore for the first time and I’ve been dying to get that opportunity!

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my ‘no shopping’ challenge for 2018

personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. read more on #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter

When I recording my 2018 goals video, I totally forgot to mention a personal one that I’m working on: I’m not buying clothing for the entirety of 2018! Our DIY contributor, Hannah, did it in 2017 and, after witnessing her succeed, I decided to do it on my own. The final push was this NY Times article entitled My Year of No Shopping — after this came it, it solidified my decision. So now that I’m a month and a half in, I wanted to share it with you guys + set the rules for this grand experiment of mine.

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the easiest way to decorate around a big tv: a gallery wall!

The easiest way to decorate around a big tv: a gallery wall! Learn how to curate a beautiful gallery wall to balance a large television using the Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView™ feature of the @artdotcom app + enter the giveaway! #ad #LoveYourWall Learn more on #gallerywall

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It all started in November: Sean and I were chatting about the living room and one of us mentioned that we need a new TV. The existing one had been with me since I graduated college and was a bit dated, to say the least (the speakers would buzz and rattle with any hint of bass). Flash forward to Black Friday and suddenly we had bought a 55″ television. While this was a definite upgrade from our 37″ dinosaur TV, it was also quiiite an addition to our tiny living room. If you saw my Instagram Stories, you know how overwhelmed I was when the giant TV came into our home. Truth be told, I thought about returning it, but then I fell for it… hard. High definition is sort of amazing, as is not having to search for my glasses to watch The Bachelor. Anyways, after we wall-mounted it, I realized that I’d have to get creative in a big way to make it blend a bit more into our tiny home. And that’s when enters the picture (pun very much intended) — their vast selection and The Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView™ in their easy-to-use app made it a breeze for me to select a pre-curated gallery wall and order.

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the friday edit + my first Q&A video (including my biggest social media regret!)

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Happy Friday, you guys! With the 5 Questions challenge floating around on Instagram, I got a new idea: what if I shared a Q&A-style video with questions submitted by you?? This is my first time asking you guys if you wanted me to answer anything and I was blown away by how many questions were sent over… so I will definitely be doing another Q&A video soon. Most of you submitted questions about blogging and social media, so this video is definitely geared toward that. Going forward, I plan to change it up with the topics and answer all types of questions, so if you’ve got ’em, send them in!

Some of the questions I answered this week include…

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a moody & dramatic Valentine’s Day tablescape for two | small space entertaining

a moody & dramatic Valentine's Day tablescape for two. small space entertaining. #smallspaces #valentinesday #tablescape

To be honest, this Valentine’s Day tablescape is all about yesterday’s cloche centerpiece. It’s literally my favorite one that Sarah has ever done and really captures everything that I want our Valentine’s Day tablescape for two to reflect. While traveling through Amsterdam a few years ago, I became obsessed with this painting and have always wanted to translate it somehow into a blog post. Sarah indulged me in my unexpected color palette, so I pulled dinnerware and glassware to complement it, rather than detract. This simple tablescape is really all about the centerpiece.

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