Comfort Food Recipes I Highly Recommend

Including some reader favorites (including the best soup recipe ever)
18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

I am definitely what you’d call an ’emotional eater,’ especially when it comes to comfort food recipes during stressful times. In the past few days of social distancing, I’ve made SO MUCH FOOD. Bread, cookies, braised chicken… and tomorrow, my birthday cake. I’ve shared a lot of comfort food recipes here on the blog, so I wanted to share those with you today to help you self-soothe during the coronavirus pandemic.

My Favorite Comfort Food Recipes For Uncertain Times

Before we get started, I know that a lot of us have limited pantry items and produce right now. I did my best below to share substitution ideas for each recipe that has appeared here on the blog. If you need help determining what’s a good substitute for any of the recipes found here on the blog, leave a comment and I will respond!

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

Savory comforting recipes

Avgolemono Soup

When I’m sad, stressed, or anxious, my grandma’s avgolemono soup recipe is THE thing to cure all. It’s like a hug in a bowl and is easily made with pantry staples.

Cheesy Popovers

Not gonna lie, bread and carbs are high on the list of comfort foods I love. This recipe from years ago is still a personal favorite. They remind me of biscuits from my childhood, but with a lighter, fluffier texture… and cheese!

Roasted White Wine Chicken

Roast chicken is another fave comfort food recipe that allllways makes me a little bit happier. This recipe is beyond delicious and a good excuse to open a bottle of wine!

Rustic Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup

This is probably my most tried recipe that we’ve ever shared here on the blog! And for good reason. Trust me, this soup is majorly comforting.

Tri-color Potato Gratin

Mmmm potatoes… this super-creamy potato gratin is easy to recreate with whatever potato variety you have on hand and is oh-so-satisfying.

My Family’s Greek Chicken and Potatoes

We probably eat this roast chicken once a week because it’s easy, filling, and doesn’t take any special ingredients. Also, the leftovers taste even better the next day.

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

Sweet comforting recipes

Glazed Grapefruit Dutch Baby

Since a lot of us are currently working from home, why not have a fancier breakfast? This is a great recipe for a basic Dutch baby, then top it with whatever fruit you have on hand!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

What’s more comforting than chocolate chip cookies?? NOTHING. This is my absolute favorite twist on the classic cookie and I highly recommend you make a double batch!

My Grandma’s Koulourakia (Greek Butter Cookies)

I grew up eating these cookies every time I went to grandma’s house. They are ultimate nostalgic cookie that keeps well and are soooo good with coffee.

Easy Strawberry Almond Overnight French Toast

If you love French toast, you absolutely must try this recipe. And don’t feel like you have to use strawberries. Most fruit that you have on hand will work just fine!

Fudgey Brownies for Two

Sometimes when I bake, it feels like I’m making too much for two people… but this recipe is specifically geared toward servings for two! And whats more delicious than brownies?? Yum.

Spicy Pear Ricotta Muffins

The texture of these muffins is… everything. They are SO moist and delicious. If you don’t have pears on hand, try apples.

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

Cocktails from my blog archives

Smoked Rosemary Oil Martini

Since we’re social distancing, a fancy cocktail at home is the next best thing. I love a classic martini, but this take on it is also soooo good.

The Black Manhattan

Looking for a booze-forward drink to drown your sorrows? This twist on the Manhattan is delicious and easy to make.

Our Twist on the Classic Negroni

This is the cocktail recipe that I’ve turned to time and again this week as more and more scary news comes out.

The Bees Knees

Here’s another really easy cocktail to make that tastes really fancy and needs very few specialty ingredients. If you are lacking lemons, try other types of citrus!

Spiced Apple Old Fashioned

I looooove old fashioned and this version is one of my favorite recipes we’ve shared on the blog. It’s easy, flavorful, and definitely comforting when you need a good, strong drink.

Spiced Rye and Jam Cocktail

This cocktail recipe calls for a few specialty ingredient, but they are easily swapped for other options so I kept it in this post. It’s just SO good and I’m sure that we all have the key ingredient on hand… jam!

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