Small Things to Do At Home That You Never Have Time to Do

Small Things To Do At Home While Sheltering In Place During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Self-care ideas, small home projects, and a to do list of simple chores to do that you never have time to do. #chores #todolist #coronavirus #shelterinplace #covid19 #stayhome #thingstodoathome

I suspect by now we’re all getting a little bit stir crazy… at least I am. Even though I generally work from home, there’s something about being told not to go out that’s making me want to leave my house all the more. But given how important it is to stay home, that is my number 1 priority right now. I’m trying to use this time as best as I can… and giving myself the grace to relax when it feels right. But it’s also a really good time to tackle things that I never have time to do. I brainstormed a long list of what those chores could be and thought you’d find it helpful, too!

Small Things To Do At Home While Sheltering In Place

  1. Shave your sweaters and remove pills (this is the fabric defuzzer I use)
  2. Hand wash the delicate items you undoubtedly have stacked up (I definitely do). You can also research alternatives to dry cleaning and try to do it at home.
  3. Make a batch of bath bombs
  4. Organize your underwear drawer and throw away anything with holes in it — this video is a great resource for helping you organize your entire closet, actually!
  5. Repair holes in clothes
  6. Eat dinner by candlelight
  7. Do a face mask every day. If you’re like me, there’s probably a stockpile of them in your bathroom, so why not put them to use?
  8. Give yourself a pedicure
  9. Sort through makeup and beauty products and dispose of anything that’s expired
  10. Actually write in a journal
  11. Change your passwords
  12. Make a lip scrub with items in your pantry
  13. Back up your files
  14. Wash dog leashes, harnesses and bed
  15. Clean up your yard from the winter
  16. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub
  17. Disinfect your phone — actually, do this daily!
  18. Clean your makeup brushes. I like to use this cleaning pad.
  19. Take a long bath
  20. Dust your books and barcart
  21. Finally start meditating — here’s how
  22. Clean your humidifier
  23. Check your smoke and CO2 detectors
  24. Tighten any loose handles, knobs, or furniture legs
  25. Organize cords
  26. Have breakfast in bed
  27. Do an energy usage audit

What are some other small things to do while staying at home that you never ordinarily have time to do? Leave a comment and let me know!

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