21 DIY Projects to Take Your Mind Off Things

Tons of super-fun projects to try if you've got some free time on your hands!
Try Any of These 21 DIY Projects to Lift Your Mood & Distract You! kid-friendly craft projects, essential oils, how to ice dye, DIY craft projects. #DIY #crafts #tutorials #diyprojects

When I asked on Instagram what type of content I can share that will help to either distract or inspire you during the COVID-19 pandemic, one resounding suggestion was to share more DIYs! I have new ones in the works that use pantry and household goods, but for now I wanted to re-share some of the best projects we’ve shared in the past here on the blog. There are SO many and a few are kid-friendly, too. I realize that it might not be the easiest thing to find all of the materials to complete this projects. I did my best to round up our simplest DIY projects, but if you need help finding a substitute item for one, leave a comment on the post and I’ll do my best to suggest something else!

Project pictured: Shibori style dye bath mat
Try Any of These 21 DIY Projects to Lift Your Mood & Distract You! kid-friendly craft projects, essential oils, how to ice dye, DIY craft projects. #DIY #crafts #tutorials #diyprojects

Try Any of These 21 DIY Projects to Lift Your Mood & Distract You

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been cooking so much since we’ve self-quarantined this week. I’m running out of food storage containers, so these food wraps have come in handy. They are easy to make and a great way to start a conversation about sustainability with your kids.

Interchangeable Clay Garden Markers

This DIY project idea is a great one to do with kids! Get them excited about planting a garden this spring and label your seedlings in one fell swoop.

Crystal Hair Comb and Pins

Here’s another kid-friendly project that is super-easy! And don’t feel limited to just using crystals. You can also forage for interesting rocks to use.

3 Stovetop Potpourri Recipes

Cozy scents are a great way to make your home feel better and help you relax. These recipes are suggestions that are holiday-specific, but it’s super-easy to put a springtime spin on the combinations.

Pressed Flowers Glassware

This DIY tutorial is another one that’s great for kids. Maybe don’t have them make a decanter, but glasses are good! And don’t worry about getting a flower press — instead use a stack of books.

Geometric Tassel Earrings

Making jewelry is a really fun idea to help pass the time and try something new. And don’t stop at earrings, try a necklace or bracelet, too!

Essential Oil Room Sprays

This easy tutorial is perfect for making your home smell great, while also providing the benefits of aromatherapy.

Appliquéd Trim Statement Jacket

Now is the perfect time to get crafty with some items from your closet to give them new life. And don’t just stop at a denim jacket. Try this technique with other clothing and accessories, too!

Learn How to Ice Dye

This is my most popular DIY project ever! It takes a few days to ice dye a piece of fabric, but that’s perfect since we have a lot of time on our hands at home. You can use this dyeing technique to make all sorts of things: clothing, tote bags, a throw, pillow covers… anything!

Soy Wax Candles

We’ve shared a few candle DIY projects on the blog and they are soooo easy to do. Since you’re cooped up at home, this craft project will help make the ambiance a little cozier.

Try Any of These 21 DIY Projects to Lift Your Mood & Distract You! kid-friendly craft projects, essential oils, how to ice dye, DIY craft projects. #DIY #crafts #tutorials #diyprojects


This easy-to-make drink is always great to have on hand, plus you can use up any extra lemons you have on hand. I made a batch last summer that we are probably going to open tonight!

Leaf Mandala Stained Glass

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, this is a great activity to keep kids busy. Let them forage for foliage and then press it with books. You can repurpose an old picture frame to turn the pressed leaves into art!

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray with Essential Oils

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having the hardest time sleeping lately. Lavender essential oil helps to soothe anxiety, so I’ve been spraying our pillows with this mixture each night.

Eggnog Soy Wax Candles

If you have extra glassware, this is the perfect craft project to try!

Leather Desk Organizer and Catchall

This post might be a few years old, but I still have the organizer on my desk! If you’re working from home now and feel overwhelmed keeping your area tidy, try making one of these.

Herb Drying Rack

If you have tons of extra herbs, this post is a great tutorial on how to dry them. And you can always DIY your own rack!

How to Distress a T-Shirt

Now is a great time to revamp your wardrobe with what you have on hand! If you’ve always liked the look of distressed tees, definitely try this project. It’s easy and a fun way to update your existing closet.

Macrame Cafe Lights

This is definitely our most time consuming DIY project because there are soooo many knots. But if you have time to pass and want to perk up your outdoor space, this is the craft project for you!

Overdyed Napkins

Give new life into your current napkins, dishtowels, or any textile really with this easy dyeing tutorial.

Succulent Hair Pins

If you’ve got faux plants or flowers at home, this easy DIY project is a great use for them. Kids would love it, too.

If you try any of these DIY projects, let me know! Post a photo on Instagram and tag me so I can see it. Stay safe and healthy.

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