7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Decor on a Budget

Aka how to create your own outdoor oasis!
Looking for tips to make the most of your outdoor space on a budget? These outdoor decor tips will inspire you to make the perfect outdoor oasis! Maximize your outdoor space with these easy tips. #outdoordecor #deck #patio

One of the questions that was submitted for my last Dear Jojo post was about affordable sources for outdoor decor. Because it’s spring and we’re all spending more time at home, I felt like this topic deserved it’s own blog post. Our outdoor space is small and oddly-shaped, but we’ve been able to maximize our outdoor space even on a budget. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but we’ve learned a lot! You just need to embrace a few of these tips! Whether you’ve got a full yard or just a balcony (or a fire escape), my hope is that these tips will inspire you to create your own outdoor oasis even on a budget.

Deck Out Your Outdoor Decor on a Budget With These 7 Easy Ideas

Consider the ambiance

Whether you live in a city or the suburbs, ambience is the key to a great outdoor space. Plus, it’s so easy to do this! I suggest incorporating soft lighting. For example, the warm glow of string lights adds so much ambience and coziness, no matter the size of your outdoor space. You can also add a few lanterns with either real tealight candles or faux ones that flicker. That one affordable update will instantly make a space feel more intimate.

Furniture that pulls double-duty

Putting on my small space dweller hat… definitely select furniture that can function in a few different ways. A good example of this is a side table that’s also a stool. You can use it to hold your drinks, but also extend extra seating as needed.

Prioritize your goals

Before you invest in any decor for your outdoor space, make sure you know what your goals for the space are. Do you want to eat outside mostly? Or is it more important to function as a lounge space? That will help you prioritize which type of furniture to invest in. There are some patio dining sets right now that are sooooo cute & perfect for small space outdoor meals. Here are a few I like:

If you want your space to feel more lounge-y, try adding an outdoor loveseat. We didn’t have room for a full outdoor sofa, so we went this route instead. It’s worked out well! Pro tip: if you don’t have run for a side table, definitely get a loveseat with flat arms so you can set down your drink!

Here are a few options that are affordable:

Outdoor rug

I know that refinishing a deck or putting down pavers can be a massive undertaking (we’ve done both!) — especially if you’re a renter. Not to mention expensive! But you can easily create a cozier outdoor space on a budget with an outdoor rug. We always have one under our outdoor dining table, but they are great for covering up pretty much any surface. Plus, there are a lot of outdoor rugs that are so affordable now!

Here are a few really cute & budget-friendly outdoor rugs:

Floor pillows

When it comes to outdoor decor on a budget, floor pillows are a slam dunk. They can easily be used to lounge around solo or as extra seating for more people. Plus, you can host a chic dinner party (once it’s safe to do so), with a slightly elevated table and everyone sitting on a floor cushion. I also love that floor cushions are portable, so you could take them to the beach or park.

Potted plants

When it comes to making an outdoor space feel complete, just a few plants can go a looooong way. If you’re a city dweller, potted plants definitely count! You could go the route of growing veggies or just pot a few plants that make you happy. Personally, I love the look of tropical plants like a bird of paradise. The giant leaves can cover up any number of flaws, too!

Keep the bugs at bay

My final tip is to make your space one that you actually want to use by repelling bugs! No one wants to hang around with mosquitos. Citronella candles are pretty affordable. Or you can go the DIY route and try this tutorial we shared that uses upcycled bottles.

What other tips do you have for creating an outdoor oasis on a budget? I’d love to know!

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